If you have ever wanted to learn how to make someone mad, this article is for you. But it is important to mention that you must apply a level of caution in your bid to make someone mad. There are very easy tricks you can use to make almost anyone mad at anytime. Just a few insults and some annoying habits will piss anyone off at all times. However, it is important to make sure you only use this twisted humor on your close friends and people you know well. Otherwise, just read through the tips, shake your head with laughter and just forget about the whole thing.

How to Make Someone Mad: 20 Things You Can Do

  1. Write an easily believable love letter to your best friend's wife or husband telling them how much you have always admired them and how you would want to get together with them. Make tactful, funny and dorky.

  2. Whenever you pass a couple that look genuinely in love, look at them and say, "Why didn't you call last night? I'm really mad at you now!" Don't wait for their reaction, simply walk away as fast as your legs can carry you and leave them gazing at you with a confused stare.

  3. Look at one tall handsome/beautiful stranger at the grocery store and say, "Oh! I love you!" Act like you mean it, and bring yourself back to your normal self like you never said anything.

  4. Ask one of your friends to pay back the money he/she borrowed from you. You can repeatedly say, "Remember that day we..."

  5. Try telling one of your friends that the back of his or her hair has completely turned green/yellow/purple/blue and watch them turn and twist in a frenzy.

  6. Briskly move up to one stranger and tell him he has a stain at the back of his trouser, and while he tries to remove it with his hands, raise your voice and say, "Stop touching your ass in public!"

  7. If you see any pair of teenagers kissing by the roadside, simply pass near them and say, "Mum is coming!" Watch how fast they would disengage from each other.

  8. Drive down to a nearby restaurant and order for a particular dish, and before they go to get it prepared, drive up to the window and say you have no money to pay for the order.

  9. Walk straight to a neighbor's with a handful of rocks. Knock and hand the rocks over to the neighbor and say, "I found these and thought they would be valuable to you because I value them a lot myself." Walk away fast without trying to laugh.

  10. Walk to your neighbor's door, knock and demand to have your newspaper/magazine subscription back.

  11. Make fun of your friend's favorite video game. Good luck to you if you have decided that today is a good day to tell your boyfriend that his addiction to Zelda 3 has turned him into something less than a real man. If your boyfriend loses his temper after you have declared your stand, run as fast as your legs can carry you and don't look back until you get to a safe place because he is going to be real mad.

  12. Drinks with Tabasco. All you need is a bottle of chilled drink, with straw with one bottle of Tabasco sauce. It may also take a cohort if the unsuspecting friend stays back at the table. Put at least 4 drops of Tabasco sauce in your friend's straw while he is away at the rest room. Just sit back and act like you are innocent. This might probably be the hardest step of all. Try as much as possible to appear like you did nothing. When he takes the first sip, the sauce would be the first thing to touch their lips.

  13. You can make someone mad, especially women by making very derogatory remarks about their gender. Try waving off whatever they say or do and blame it on their gender.

  14. Interrupt someone rudely. Jump in while someone is talking with no regard to who he/she is. You can choose to either add your own opinion on the topic or veer off the topic completely. You can pose a random question or unrelated one.

  15. Ask some stupid questions. One easy way to make someone really mad is to ask a very stupid question or some stupid questions in a row. If they just finished explaining a particular thing, ask them a question they just answered obviously. Ask a question that is not related to the question they just asked. You can continue asking why as many times as possible. As soon as the person gives any answer, follow it up with another why. And don't stop asking why until the person gets angry.

  16. Most people hate hearing they are either overreacting or being over-dramatic when they are very angry. Saying things like this seems to take away the validity of the angry person. Telling people to be thankful that things aren't worse than they already are can further get them aggravated.

  17. Everyone hates annoying sounds If you want to annoy someone easily, simply make some offensive sounds and you will get them pissed off. If you work in a store, you can move around making some very annoying sounds. Make a weird sound each time you pass someone without saying a word. Yell some numbers rounding while a colleague is trying to concentrate while counting.

  18. Try ignoring the person you wish to annoy. Everyone hates to be ignored. To annoy someone easily, simply ignore him/her. This works most on women. Avoid looking at her or speaking to her. Just act like she does not exist. This will not only make her angry, but will hurt her feelings a great deal. If she tries talking to you, simply act like you don't know of her presence. Even if she yells, can't you hear me? simply ignore and keep working.

  19. Cut in front of someone without saying excuse. To easily get under the person's skin, keep walking even if the person yells at you and don't try to look back.

  20. Don't pay attention while talking. Don't pay attention while someone is talking to you. You can engage yourself in other activities while the person talks to you and ensure he sees you are engrossed in something else. Ask him to repeat what he just said once he is done talking. Looking around the room while someone talks to you will also produce the same results. If there is someone else in the room, lean close to him and whisper something.

  • If you have other tricks on how to make someone mad, you're welcome to write them as a comment.

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