There are numerous sites where we need to provide newer email address once the limit for one email account is finished. (Let's say only 15 downloads are allowed on single email ID. This means in order to complete 1500 downloads, we need to provide 100 email addresses, which sounds so annoying.)

So here we are provided with a great solution by Google. Google+ helps us to treat our single account as multiple email accounts. All you need is, to have a valid "Gmail account". You need not to do extra efforts to achieve the result. Just little modification in your already existing email id will give you another email address to be used as newer address. Now how can you modify your already existing Gmail ID? 

How single email ID is biased as multiple email IDs?


Using a dot or period (.)

Gmail addresses have "dot blindness" means dot/dots are not recognized by Gmail. This means if there are dots in any gmail address, Gmail will simply discard all those dots and consider the left part to be an email address. Let's have a look on some examples:  

[email protected] (original email id)

[email protected] (newer email id)

[email protected] (newer email id)

[email protected] (newer email id)

and so on, we can generate multiple email addresses by just placing "." here and there in already existing address. Mail sent to any of the above email address would be directly placed in the inbox of original id i.e [email protected]


Using plus ( "+" ) proceeded by any number of characters

Next way to generate a newer email address is to add "+" and then any number of characters. Once again, Gmail will discard the "+" sign and all the characters placed to the next of "+" sign. Let's have a look on some of the examples:

[email protected] (original email id)

[email protected]  (newer email id) (newer email id)

[email protected] (newer email id)

and so on. Again, mail sent to any of above address will be delivered to the inbox of "[email protected]".


Using domain name ""

The last way is to use domain "" instead of "". Let's have a look on examples:

"[email protected]" and

"[email protected]"

both are treated as same.You can use combination of these methods too as :

[email protected],

[email protected], and so on...

So now you are able to generate any number of email addresses by using only single email address, instead of going for cumbersome task of signing up for 1000's of times on different sites to create multiple accounts.


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