Okay, so you don’t have a lot of time to make your essay look long and you’re kind of empty of ideas regarding things to write. Luckily for you, there are ways you can get away with writing a little while making it look like a lot. You can make your periods bigger and essays longer by following the steps below.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make Periods Bigger

  1. Open up Microsoft Word

  2. Go to the editing section of Word 2010 or 2013 and click on Replace. The shortcut for this action is to press on “Ctrl-H”.

  3. Type one period in the section that says Find What and then type another period in the Replace With section.

  4. You then click on More and open up the Format drop-down menu in the Replace section. You must place the typing cursor in the Replace With field to switch to the replace section if this section is titled Find.

  5. In order to prevent your period size from looking too obviously large, move it up by just one size from your text. Also, you can customize things by typing in a specific [odd number] size of your choice for a smaller move up instead of jumping from one font size to the next font size, which is usually two sizes bigger and in even numbers.

  6. To make every period larger, click OK and then Replace All. With the Calibri font, it gives you about four lines per page when you change the period size to 13 point from 12 point.


How to Make Periods Bigger On Mac

  • Go to ‘File’ then scroll down and click on ‘Edit’. You then click on ‘Find’ then scroll down and click on ‘Advance Find and Replace’.

  • Type in your period in the space. Go to ‘Replace’ and make sure your period is typed in. Click on the little arrow close to ‘Replace All’.

  • Click on ‘Font’ at the bottom and then change the period to whatever size you want.

  • Click ‘Ok’ and then ‘Replace All’ and then ‘Ok’ again.

Now when you look at the document, you will notice that the period sized would have increased.

Here is the video for your reference:


Other Ways to Make Your Essay Look Longer

  • Paragraph spacing: Highlight everything by clicking on ‘Ctrl’ and then the letter ‘A’ on your keyboard. Right-click then scroll down to paragraphs and click on ‘Line Spacing’. Set your line spacing to multiple then click on the option beside it and set it to any number between two and three.

  • Modify the margins: Go to Page Layout then click on Margins, then Custom and increase the space between the margins. The margins default to ‘1’ all around.

  • Character Spacing: Highlight all the text (Ctrl and A), then right-click and scroll down to Font, click on Character Spacing then change the spacing to either half a point or less.

  • Font Choice and Font Size: Your choice of font and font size is a good way to make your essay look longer. Sometimes, there are certain specifications your teacher might set for you in regards to using to a particular front but when no rules have been given, you should choose a font that is legible and maximises height. Some fonts that will make your dressing look bigger are Angsana, Algerian, Calibri and Times New Roman.

  • Lengthen Header Content: Another way you can make your essay look longer is by lengthening your header content. Add more lines to it but note that if you make it too long make sure that you have it on only the first page and not every page, as this would be extremely obvious.

  • Bold important words and phrases: Bolding takes up more space compared to regular text so when necessary, use bolding but not too much as it can make your essay look messy and obvious. Also, be careful because some teachers and examiners may not want anything bolded.

  • Make use of footers: Footers can make it possible for you to write less because they can move your margins up. Ways you can use this feature to your advantage is by adding information like your name and page number at the top or bottom and make use of spacing between information.

2 Concrete Suggestions to Make Your Essay Longer In Substance


Do more critical thinking

Your essay can be longer and of substance if you do more critical thinking. Critical thinking opens up newer and wider ideas, thus providing you with plenty of material to write with. Critical thinking involves entertaining and analysing a wide range of relevant topics, breaking down topics to gain a clear and thorough understanding and continually asking questions. The key to producing longer essays of substance is basically gathering as much information as possible, brainstorming ideas and topics that prompt use to think more deeply.


Welcome contradictions

Some students panic when they reach a contradiction because they feel like they are not making sense or on the wrong track. However, contradictions not only demonstrate your ability to reason and to think from different perspectives, they also add substance to your work and make your essays lengthier so including contradictions will put you in a win-win situation.


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