Paper flowers are inexpensive flowers that are made up from different kinds of paper even the tissue paper. Paper flowers are a creative gift to give to someone and they are considered to be special because one has invested their time and techniques in making paper flowers. Paper flowers are easy to make and also fun. If you want to know how to make a paper flower you can ask from a friend or you can simply search for information online on how to make the paper flower. Information on paper flower making is available on the internet on a wide range from step to step instructions to YouTube videos which practically show you how to make a paper flower. Let’s take a look at a few ways on how to make paper flowers:

How to Make Paper Flowers in 7 Different Ways


How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper is widely available in different colors which make it more fun in making paper flowers. Tissue paper can make very decorative flowers and it is one of the easiest ways you can learn how to make a paper flower. You will need some different colors of tissue paper depending on the kind of paper flowers you want to make. Paper flower making using tissue paper is one of the easiest ways on how to make paper flower. Just take three sheets of unfolded tissue paper and put them on a flat surface stacking them each on top of the other. Take the bottom edge and fold over one inch and then flip it over and fold it back on the other side. Continue folding the paper until it looks like an accordion then fold the accordion two times in half and then a pipe cleaner around it. Twist the pipe cleaner to make a stem and you have a flower. This is just one way of how to make tissue paper flowers. You can check out and watch other ways on how to make tissue paper flowers in this video.


How to Make Tulip Paper Flowers

In paper flower making, you can also make beautiful tulip paper flowers that can be used to decorate a table if placed in a bouquet together or in a vase. To make the tulip paper flowers you will need tissue paper or crepe paper, a newspaper, thread, a pair of scissors, some glue and you can use hot glue because it dries up faster, a ruler and a pencil. Once you have all these things in place then you are ready to know how to make paper flowers. You can check this video for the practical way on making paper flowers.


How to Make Rose Bouquet Paper Flowers

You can know how to make paper flowers starting from one flower to a bouquet. Rose flowers can also be made using crepe streamer paper and a newspaper that’s the only kind of papers you will need to know how to make paper flower and specifically the roses. In this video you will find how you can start making paper flowers on your own and not only one rose flower but a bouquet which you can give as a gift to someone or use for decoration.


How to Make Water Lilly Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers can be easy if you have the correct materials needed. But it can also be challenging if it is your first time. In this video you will find a way on how to make paper flowers and this time it is a beautiful water lily. The only extra thing apart from the papers glue and pencils you will need is a green crayon for marking and some floral tape. For water lilies, you will need to have the patterns you will use while cutting the paper.


How to Make Curly Hyacinth Paper Flower

In making paper flowers there are different designs for the different set of flowers. Some flowers like the water hyacinth are curly or swirly and to know how to make paper flowers that are of that kind or they have a different design you will need something like a pencil or a thick wire to curl the paper to the required design. The other materials are paper and glue and also the papers should be of different course. You can follow this video and watch a step by step instruction on how to make the curly water hyacinth.


How to Make Large Paper Flowers That Can Sit Flat on a Table

Paper flowers that are to be used for party decorations or even decorating the coffee table should be made in such a way that they can sit flat. They are mostly large flowers and they can also be mounted on the walls using temporary adhesive. This video shows how to make paper flowers that can sit flat on a table. You will need hot glue because it dries faster and some construction paper. For the petals to sit flat on the table you will also need a stapler to staple when you fold. This kind of paper flower making is easy and simple.


How to Make Easy Paper Flowers

If you want to know how to make paper flowers that are very easy and simple to come up with you can check this video. Most people especially beginners who might want to start making paper flowers as a hobby or as a profession might think it is hard but this video shows you how easy it is. You will only need small tube sized papers and a pen to curl the paper on and some glue to stick them.



If you want to know how to make paper flowers and you are curious how it is done, most probably you think it is hard or it will require a lot of your time. It’s simple and easy. It also does not require a lot of materials. You can start by using tissue paper if you want to know how to make tissue paper flowers or you can buy large construction papers too. The materials needed are easily available and if you take a look around your house you will find most if not all of them.


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