Even putting on a few extra pounds can show significantly in your face. Those with a round shape face may appear to be heavier than they are because of this. So many people want to know tips to make their face look slimmer. With the right accessories or makeup, you can achieve it easily. This article will reveal the best tips and tricks to give your face a slim down.

How to Make Face Look Slimmer


  • Contour. Invest in dark and lighter shades of foundations. The darker shade will recede features while the lighter will bring features out more.

  • Slim cheekbones. Pucker up your lips before applying your contour colors to the cheekbones. Apply the contour shade at a diagonal line starting around the center of your cheek and move up towards the ear. The higher you go with the contour color, the sharper the cheekbones will look. For additional emphasis on the cheeks, apply a highlighter color right at the tops of the cheek bones.

  • Thin the nose. Apply your contour color to the side of the nose bridge, stopping just before you reach the nostrils. Take your highlighter color and apply it to the bridge of the nose and blend into the contour color slightly.

  • Reduce double chin. Use a bronzer along the jawline and blend for a seamless look.

  • Eyebrows. For those with round faces, having a more pronounced arch of the eyebrows will help bring balance to the face. This draws the eye upwards and stretches the appearance.

  • Highlight areas. You want to bring the features of your face forward and using a highlighter color can accomplish this. Apply your highlight color to the center of the face between the eyebrow, bridge of the nose and just above the upper lip (known as Cupid's bow), as well as, to the center of the chin.

  • Forehead. When it comes to how to make face look slimmer, don't forget the forehead. You want to apply your contour color at the hairline and near the temples and blend for an even finish. This will draw attention to the angular structure of your face.

Hair Adjustments

  • Grow your hair. When it comes to make your face to look smaller, having longer hair helps. Longer hair will help give the appearance of a more elongated face instead of a fuller, more round face.

  • Bangs. Bangs have a tendency to make the face look more round, so if you do, go with a cut with bangs, make sure they are wispy where the fringe is shorter near the middle of the face and longer towards the edge.

  • Layers. To give your face an elongated look, go with a cut that has layers. A cut with longer layers that can be part to the side where the layers will fall just below the jawline will make your face look thinner.

  • Leave out some pieces. If you are wearing your hair up, then you don't want to pull all your hair back. Leaving a few strands out at the sides of your face will shape your face so that it looks slimmer.

  • Go with waves. When leaving your hair down, you don't want it to hang straight as this makes the head look smaller and therefore makes your face look wider. Adding some soft waves will help slim your face.

  • Get highlights. Highlights will help draw attention up and away from your face, which gives the appearance that you face is slimmer. How to make face look slimmer with highlights in your hair? It is easily done when the highlights are at the top of the head with a darker shade under.

  • Shorter hair. If you want to go with a shorter cut but still want your face to look thin, then consider a bob. These cuts are shorter in the back with longer layers in the front to frame the face.


  • Earrings. Avoid wearing studs in your ears, instead, go with a long dangling earring. Longer earrings will draw attention past your face. More angular longer earrings will add contrast to the shape of your face and slim it.

  • Necklaces. Avoid short necklaces as this will pull attention to the round shape of your face. Longer necklaces will make the face as well as your neck look longer, so your face looks thinner.

  • Glasses. You want a wider frame on the glasses or sunglasses, like a rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners. This shape and width will give your face a more narrow look.

Other tips

  • Shirts. Even the shirt you wear can help your face look thinner. Shirts that have a v-neck or scoop neck will lengthen the neckline and this, in turn, will make the face look longer.

  • For guys. Guys who want to make their face look slimmer should consider growing a beard. Beards will add contrast to the face and make a round face look thinner.

  • Exercise. Exercising is one of the best ways you can actually make your face thinner. Being physically active will help slim the face down, so try running, jogging or just walking a few times a week. There are also specific facial exercises will help tone up the face. How to make face look slimmer with facial exercises? You can make a fish face and hold it for a few seconds. Tightly close your eyes so your face scrunches and hold it for a few seconds to tighten up the muscles in the face or you can tilt the head, and lower and raise the jaw for a few seconds. These exercises can be easily done from anywhere and over time will help your face look toned and slim.

  • Diet. What you eat can have a major impact on the shape of your face. Consider eating a more well-balanced diet full of vegetable, fruits, and lean meats. Avoid foods that can cause swelling or water retention like salty, fried or sugary foods.


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