Minecraft is about creating your world the way you want it to look like. This game was introduced in 2011 on X box and PS platforms and it took the stage by storm. With over millions users all around the globe, minecraft became a huge success in no time. The game is dependent totally on imagination. Do anything you want, construct a world in the way you imagine it to be. It is just like lego block game. In minecraft the environment is all blocky and you are the one constructing your ways through.

There are several more interesting parts of this game. For example all of a sudden something will appear on your screen and you have to kill it with swords and arrows but wait, there is another option available, a TNT cannon which may be used to destroy the target you want to. So how to make a cannon in minecraft or how to make a TNT cannon in minecraft is the question in place. There are many ways of doing it and we will consider some popular and easy ones.

There are several tutorials available on the internet on how to make a cannon in minecraft including special videos on Youtube. After researching over the internet, here is something to help you out.

How to Make a Cannon in Minecraft

Basic Cannon

Basically there is no definite cannon design to be used in minecraft but then how to make a cannon in minecraft. It is actually the usage of TNT boxes in such a way as to create an effect of cannon. Here, I am not talking about how to make a TNT cannon in minecraft, there is difference between basic cannon and TNT cannon which will be shown later on. We all know that minecraft depends upon basic instruments like shovels, bricks etc. Anything that is to be created has to be using these basic things.

How to make a cannon in minecraft links with the basic cannon design on the principle of projecting a TNT box by exploding another TNT box. You must be thinking that this will damage blocks. Now how to make a cannon in minecraft which will not damage blocks? Do it in water! The TNT which is exploded in water will not destroy any bricks but will throw the other box in the desired direction. Make sure that they are ignited in water because if it done on ground, it will damage the nearby bricks and walls. 

Redstone is used to flare up the TNT boxes. Another important question is How to make a cannon in minecraft in which the flight of explosives can be controlled? The more the number of blocks, the lesser will be the distance covered. So for best results, make sure that there are minimum blocks or as an alternative, put the box above the blocks.

Basic Components

Moving on further on how to make a cannon in minecraft, some of the basic ingredients are required. The cannons explained further in this article are based on these basic components.

  • Repeaters

  • Redstone

  • Red stone torch

  • Button

  • TNT

Basic Design

If we are talking on how to make a cannon in minecraft, read this next part is of the basic design carefully. You can also apply it on TNT cannon.

  • Get all repeaters to maximum delay

  • Attach a redstone to activate the repeaters

  • Attach a button

  • Hook an inverted Redstone torch

  • Place a TNT next to the torch

  • Place a water source block and the rest of the TNT in it

  • Hook redstone dust to TNT

  • Press button and TNT will launch

Automatic TNT Cannon

Another more advance type of TNT cannon is the automatic one. It is automated in terms of firing which means that all you have to do is to add TNT into dispensers and press the button to fire it. This is not for novices of Minecraft. This is for the advance users of the game but I hope that you will understand that how to make a TNT cannon in minecraft.

You will be requiring:

  • 23 repeaters

  • 31 redstone dust

  • 66 solid blocks

  • 8 dispensers

  • 8 TNT for one explosion (or you may try more for better results)

  • 1 fence

  • 1 carpet

  • 1 button

Building It Up

Here is a complete visual detail on how to make a cannon in minecraft.

  • Begin with 10x4 block base and terminate 9 of the blocks.

  • In the last block, add water with fencing all around its endings to the edge of the water.

  • Add more of the blocks in a horizontal position. These blocks will be placed one upon another as shown in the picture below.

  • Dispensers will add up next. Place them in a manner between the solid blocks and the blocks above them.

  • A source of water has to be place in it to position the TNT boxes for projectile effect. TNT will eventually touch the source block of water.

  • In automatic TNT cannon, repeaters are not to be positioned with the TNT which is to be thrown all the way.

  • Add more blocks to the base of the set in contact with green area. In the end add blocks in the red area

These pictures will give you a better understanding on how to make a cannon in minecraft.

  • The next step will be the deployment of redstones

  • A line of redstone is to be created across dispensers

  • Place repeaters behind the block in dispensers.

  • No ticks are to be added in repeaters

  • Make redstone the launch pad of TNT

  • Place repeaters on the outer side of the arrangement and link it with the redstone dust.

  • Set full ticks

  • Now the repeaters will be connected to the green part.

  • Add redstone dust to it

  • Add dispensers at the top in connection with redstone dust linking to the repeater.

  • The repeaters on the green area and the red area will not be set ticks upon from the default 1 tick.

  • At the end add a button at orange area.

  • A semi-automatic TNT cannon is ready to use.

(Refer to pictures below for understanding)


How to make a TNT cannon in minecraft which is automatic so that it can operate just with one button click? I have given details as under.

  • For making the TNT cannon work automatically, follow these instructions.

  • Connect eleven (11) repeaters and link it up with the orange part

  • All ticks are set to the full.

  • Add redstone dust to it and link it back to the repeaters. That makes two different lines.

  • And at the end, a block needs to be added with a button in connection the end of repeater line.

(Refer to the pictures below for a better understanding on how to make a cannon in minecraft which is automatic)


The gameplay of minecraft is not that easy. So this is a complete detailed article on how to make a cannon in minecraft. You may try it out the next time you play minecraft. There are a lot of innovations which can be done while playing the game and making a cannon for yourself. 

You can place a lot of blocks to make it go higher or lots of TNT to give the explosion a much heavier effect. But basically there are no pre designed cannons in the game. I hope this article has helped you in how to make a cannon in minecraft.


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