How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook? It is difficult to tell since there could be many reasons on why you stop receiving any notification from that person. He could have deleted you from the friend list, maybe he deleted his account, and his profile could have been banned or disabled by Facebook. Or they could simply block you. Today we are going to learn for to get that information.

Difference Between "Block You" and "Remove You"

We going to discuss how to tell if you are blocked, not if you are removed from his friend list. It's two different things. You can still visit that friend profile if they deleted you from the friend list. A block is much more severe since you can’t see anything on the profile, you can’t search for that person on Facebook and you can’t message him anymore through Facebook.

If you suspect that you have been blocked, then try to search his name on Facebook. You shouldn’t be able to see his profile came up even if you type his name letter for letter. You can also try to find his profile through your mutual friends. That list of mutual friends shouldn’t include his name anymore.

Now, if you failed to find that person, they're three possible reasons for this:

  • You have been blocked.

  • The friend’s profile has been deleted.

  • That account has been disabled directly by him or by Facebook due to violating their terms.

We’ll need to eliminate the other two possibilities to know if someone blocked you on Facebook.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Facebook

Method 1:

From the search results, it is possible to tell whether you have been blocked or being removed from the friend list. If someone has blocked you, that name shouldn’t ever appear in the search result. Type up his name on the search bar at the top of the Facebook homepage. If his name didn’t come up, then you may be blocked. Although, he may instead just changed the security settings to only allows people in his friend list to search for him. That said, you can still try to search for him through another account, such as a business account. Search for that person once again. If he isn't visible on the business account or public search, then it’s possible that you are blocked. The only way to confirm it is if that person appears in the public search and yet not visible on your personal account. If that is the case, then you have been blocked.

Method 2:

You can find out if you are blocked by going on the “Report Spam or Abuse” option from the conversation thread. On the conversation thread, go to “actions” on the top right-hand corner beside the “New Message” option. On that drop window, select “Report Spam or Abuse”. A window should pop up with the heading “Report Conversation”. Next to the name of the person in the window should have either “Blocked” or “Report”. If it says “Blocked”, then that confirms it. A “Report” should be there if the person disabled his account instead.

Take note that there is zero risk of going by this option. You are not submitting any reports but merely opening the window to that option. So feel free to use it with no issue. No actions would be taken against you for the wrong report anyway.

Method 3:

You could ask his mutual friends, that is if you had one with him or know of one. Inquire them about your suspicion of getting blocked. Questioned them about being able to see him on the friend list or able to view that friend’s profile. You are blocked if they could see it and you can’t.

Method 4:

How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook when you had never exchanged any message with him on Facebook? All you need is his username. That username can be found on the URL of the profile, i.e. “”. This is assigned to every profile on Facebook.

Search for his full name on Google, in the following format: “name”. The double apostrophe is important. If you find his URL out of the search, visiting it should give the error message “The page you requested was not found”.

Now use that URL username on, replacing “username” with the URL name. This site is a tool used to gather statistical information on Facebook.

Your friends are still active on Facebook if his user information is available to see. With the user still existing, this leaves with the option that you are indeed blocked by him on Facebook. A deleted or disabled account shouldn’t give any information on this tool.

Related Topic: How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

It's simple really, just open the “Facebook Messenger” and search for that person you are looking to block. On the top right-hand corner, click on the blue exclamation mark and the “Details” page would drop. Just go down to find “Block”.

Toggle on the option to “Block Messages”. That contact is blocked from your Messenger. Do note that this isn’t the same as blocking them on your Facebook. That friend will still have access to your profile unless of course, you blocked the whole contact. But with block with the messenger, they will never be able to reach you on the app anymore.


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