Most women would love to have long lean legs that are sexy and toned. Unfortunately, this isn't always easily accomplished since the thighs and butt areas on women are where most fat are stored. However, want to get toned legs doesn't have to be impossible. In this article, you'll learn some effective exercises that will help tone your legs as well as additional tips that will keep your legs looking lean and sexy.

How to Get Toned Legs


Leg Exercises

  • Squats

There are plenty of different squats you can perform to help tone your legs and butt, but if you are a beginner, then the chair squat is ideal. Use a chair as a guide. Begin in a standing position with the feet just hip-width apart. Your weight should remain balanced on the heels of your feet as you begin to lower the butt towards the chair. Keep the abs drawn in and hinge forward slightly, then pause just before your butt reaches the chair. Return to your standing position and repeat this ten times for three sets.

  • Warrior III Pose

Yoga, in general, will help tone your whole body, but Warrior III pose specifically targets the leg muscles. Begin this pose by standing with your feet together. Lift the leg up behind you keeping the toe straight. Bend the head and torso down towards the floor so you create a horizontal line from the head to your left foot. The arms should be at your sides reaching towards your left foot. You should feel your core muscles become engaged as you hold the position for five breaths. Remember to keep the left toes, thigh, and hip aligned and keep your weight on the right foot without locking the knees.

  • Skater Lunges

Begin this move with the feet about shoulder-width apart. The arms should be at your sides as you take a step back with the left leg crossing it diagonally. Reach the left arm out to the side and swing the right arm over the hips and hop about 2 feet towards your left. Return to your standing position and repeat on the opposite leg. Do three sets of twenty.

  • Lean

How to get toned legs with the lean move? This exercise is similar to the skater lunge but also works the inner thighs. Begin with the feet about shoulder length apart. The arms should be at your side as you step back on the right foot at a diagonal. Bend towards the side stretching the right leg out. Reach the right arm up towards the ceiling while reaching the left arm down towards the right calf. Return to standing position and repeat ten times before switching to the left leg.

  • Leg Lifts

Leg lifts will help tone your quads. Place a chair in front of you and lift the right leg up so the heel of the foot is on the seat. The right knee should be facing up and your foot should be flexed. Lift the right foot off the chair so your leg straightens out engaging your quads. Be sure not to lock your left knee in the process, bend the right leg slightly and then straighten. Repeat this bending fifteen times before switching to the other leg. Repeat this full process three times.


Cardiovascular Exercises

  • Running

Running is excellent for improving your overall health since it strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, but can be a great way to tone your legs as well. Running tones up thighs while also burning fat, so your legs will look even leaner. Be careful when running outdoors, however. Hard surfaces can cause stress to your body, so try to run on softer surfaces.

  • Kickboxing

Signing up for a class like kickboxing or a dance class can be a great way to get your cardio in, stay motivated, and get those lean looking legs. How to get toned legs with kickboxing? And why? Kickboxing is ideal because it typically works the whole body and you are utilizing your legs to support and exert more effort with each move. So just do it.

  • Swimming

If you are looking for a great way to shed some extra pounds which will make your legs look more toned, then swimming can be a great option. Swimming is one of the best ways to get a great cardio workout and tone up your thighs. It is also better for you joints since you do not put additional stress on the body as you would get from running or kickboxing.


Food Choices

  • Low-fat foods

Simply adjustments to your diet can help you obtain the toned legs you desire. Eating more healthy foods such as vegetables and whole grains will cut out a significant amount of fats from your diet. You want to keep your total body fat low which can be done with low-fat foods and regular exercise.

  • High protein

Eating a diet that includes healthy lean meats will help you fuel the muscles in your legs and promote muscles growth. Choose meats such as fish or chicken over ground beef or fatty streaks to reduce your caloric intake as well.

  • Healthy carbs

Carbs always get a bad rep but they are necessary to provide your body with energy. The key to consuming carbs is to choose the healthy ones like those from brown rice or quinoa. Cut out any refined bread products and choose whole grains instead.

  • Meal prep

How to get toned legs from meal prepping? If you want to reduce your risk of reaching for unhealthy snacks or meal option, it is beneficial to plan and prep your meals ahead of time. Preparing your own meals not only allows you to make healthier food options, it can save you a great deal as well.


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