When you are writing about something you are passionate about, other people should be benefitted by reading them. For that to happen, you need to know how to get people to read your blog, because your potential readers are not going to flock to your blog page without you advertising your content. It is not enough to just write a good blog, you have to attract readers to your blog so that they can appreciate your efforts, and there are some great ways to do so.

12 Most Effective Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog

To know how to get people to read your blog, you need to follow some specific guideline on blogging and sharing, as described in this article.

Create Contents Interesting to Readers

When you are starting a blog, try to make the content or the topic something that interests your target audience, not just yourself, because that's the first thing you need to know how to get people to read your blog. Write something that both you and your potential readers are passionate about, or something that is trending and popular, rather than something that only you are interested in! Your blog should be about something that your readers will enjoy and benefit from - whether you are writing about your work, your hobby, your ideas or sharing your life experiences.


Identify Your Target Audience

If you are writing with a specific audience in mind, recognize your target to know how to get people to read your blog. A lot will depend on that - your topic of choice, your language, your choice of words, etc. If you are writing for other people in your field of interest, you will be able to use language and terms they would be familiar with; on the other hand, if you are writing for the mass public, you might have to go easy with your words so that everyone, regardless of age and background, would be able to enjoy your content.


Make Your Blog Public

You need to make your blog public or "visible to all" so that everyone has access to it. Besides, you also need to be visible on search engines so that people all around the globe, while searching with specific keywords relative to your content, would find you easily. Since search-engines are the first place people look for information, you need to be accessible to the public.


Start by Inviting Your Friends

An important step to take in order to know how to get people to read your blog would be to start with the people you already know. Start by sharing your blog on your social media profiles - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, as well as through emails and private messages. Ask them to share your blog if they like what you wrote. Remember: "charity begins at home". If your friends, acquaintances and family members like your blog, they can help spread your words to a lot of people on the Internet.


Make Your Content SEO-Friendly

Most people are not just wasting time on the Internet, they are looking for something they can use. Make your blog's content SEO-friendly so that your target audience would be able to come to your blog when they are looking for relevant content. If ventured carefully, SEO-friendly content with targeted keywords would not ruin good writing, but would be able to drive traffic to your blog consistently.


Use Correct Tags and Categories

Always use the correct tags in your blog content, and know when to divide your content into relevant categories. Be careful that your tags are relevant to the topic of your content and popular words that your potential readers would be searching on the Internet. The correct tags with your blog can be the very thing that brings readers to your blog site.


Be Regular in Your Blogs

When you start attracting some readers to your blog, be sure to be regular in your work. If you post blogs with irregular intervals, your followers would get bored and stop following you. Therefore, you need to be regular in posting relevant articles that will keep your blog in front of your readers after a decent interval.


Don't Just Use Words

Use your words to express your feelings on your blogs, but also a number of pictures, illustrations and graphs, so that your readers are not bored in particularly long posts. If you are good at drawing, you can make doodles related to your post, or look for pictures on the Internet that will help express your opinions.


Interact with Other Bloggers

Just as you are blogging about your topic of choice, there are other bloggers on Wordpress or Blogspot, or other such blog sites. Subscribe to their blogs, like and comment and they might do the same for you. Besides, leaving meaningful comments on other blogs may drive readers from those blogs to start following you.


Analyze and Track Your Responses

Instead of just blindly going on posting blogs, regularly track the results. Every blog site gives you an insight about who is following your posts, at what time and frequency. This will help you to understand "when" to publish your posts and what type of people are following you the most.


Research for Keywords That People Are Looking For

Before writing a blog post, research keywords that your potential readers are searching for on the Internet and incorporate them in your article. If used carefully, the group of keywords won't interfere much with the natural tone of your writing, but would bring readers to your blog.


Finally, Pay to Bring Traffic

If you want, in the initial days, you can pay to drive some traffic to your blog sites through a few web applications, like "StumbleUpon" and "PR NewsWire". These applications charge as little as $0.10 for sending a visitor to your blog and can even have them leave comments and opinions.


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