5  things you need to do to get a good youtube channel!

Part 1


Drawing Attention

If you are trying to get people to watch your videos you need to have really good titles or have a really catchy channel name like XoticGamer or BangoutBoy. If you can't find a name, then try using a name generator that may help. But, of course, you will need good titles for your videos that drag attention for example THE AWESOMEST CAR EVER! or MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED?! that will be the first thing to do.


Record on a good time summary

If you start a youtube channel, you are going to have to upload a lot so the fans and other people can get used to watching your videos and watch more. My idea of uploading daily is to record on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, edit on Monday and Tuesday and upload on Weds and Thursday. Repeat this but if you have other idea that's cool as long as you don't abandon your channel in like 3 days after getting it.


Change up your videos

Let's say you're a Gamer and you think you aren't getting as much views because you keep uploading the same game everyday, like trying Vlogging or doing challenges or Q 'n' A's. That's something I learnt some time ago. If you don't want to change up anything like that try adding something to the game or Vlog. For example, if you're gaming, then maybe troll some friends in a game or do challenges which include the game for Vlogs. Maybe you can do a challenge as well or ask friends to come over and have a party or something... (I don't vlog so I don't know much about that.)


Ask others for shout outs

If you know a friend who has youtube or lots of subs or has friends on twitter, facebook, etc., ask them to write something about you like a review on how good and awesome your channel is. There is lots of ways to ask and get more subs while you're doing it.



If you guys do subscribe I will sub back to you and like every single one of your videos I swear by god.


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