You type this question in Google, hoping to come up with an article that will miraculously give you the answers you’re looking for. But guess what? If finding a new hobby was as easy as googling it, don’t you think a lot more people would be having hobbies today? The fact is that finding something to do, most likely something you’re passionate about, takes as much effort from you physically as it does emotionally and mentally.

How to Find a Hobby

If you follow all or even most of the points mentioned below in this article, there’s simply no denying that you will find a hobby that you are passionate about which will surely lighten your day.

Stop giving in to negative emotions

When you begin a hobby, various doubts creep in your mind:

  • Will I be able to take time out for this hobby?

  • How much money will it cost?

  • What if I fail?

  • What if people make fun of me?

  • What if I waste my time doing something I don’t like?

  • What if I won’t be able to meet new people because of shyness?

The thing is, if you wanna give in to such emotions, then you might as well close this tab and go back to being who you were before, because with an attitude like this, you simply cannot move forward. However, if you do decide to keep such thoughts away from yourself, congratulations! You've made a solid first step!


Look at your guilty pleasures

If you don’t know where to begin, search within yourself. What is it that you enjoy the most in your spare time. Is it organizing your room? Baking cookies or creating DIY makeup items? Whatever it is, have you thought of pursuing it as a hobby? And if things work out well for you, then why not think of turning this into your very own business venture and make money off what you love doing?


Look at what you gave up

When we grow up, the little things in life are sacrificed for a steady job, paying the bills and basically living the life of an adult. So look back to your school or college days. Did you like doing something back then that you had to give up due to lack of time or energy? Maybe you liked taking a lot of nature photos? If so, then pick up your phone (if you don’t have a camera), take a walk and start clicking pictures! Start your own Instagram or Pinterest page and let people see what you have to offer!


Set aside a budget

Sometimes, when it comes to how to find a hobby, it helps to keep some money aside. This is because that helps you assess more practically the type of hobbies you will be able to take up, as opposed to the ones you want to but shouldn’t. For example, let’s say you’re divided between baking and pursuing photography. For photography, you’d need a camera, but for baking, all you’d require are raw food ingredients. Doesn’t take a genius to understand which is the cheaper hobby for you to aim for!


Try them on

Sometimes, it’s not the budget but how the hobby itself makes you feel, which is the deciding factor. If you’ve been shoe shopping, you know you try out several pieces before locking down on one that not only looks good but is comfortable to walk in, right? It’s the same with hobbies.


Immerse yourself in a space of your choice

Let’s say you’re into arts and crafts, but you simply cannot decide which part of arts and crafts you’d like to pursue. So why don’t you go visit a craft store? See what fits within your budgets, what catches your fancy and what the other people are buying. It might lead you to your hobby! Don’t have the time? Head on over to Pinterest and see what the rest of the world is doing!


Ask people

When you’re blank on how to find a hobby, turn to people around you. Family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or even strangers walking down the road – the more people you talk to, the more suggestions you’ll get. Why, if you’re at the craft store, get talking to the customers there buying stuff and ask them what they will do with all those items!


Single or a group hobby?

Sometimes it all boils down to your nature. If you’re an introvert or simply someone who doesn’t like crowds too much, then working on hobbies from home or away from crowds is the best bet for you like blogging or cooking. However, if you don’t mind hanging out with people, then how about joining a hobby class or maybe a class to learn/hone a skill of yours?


Keep trying

See, the thing is, you aren’t going to immediately fall in love with the first hobby you try, because life isn’t a movie. It takes time and effort to find out how to find a hobby and make that hobby a dispensable part of your life which actually makes your body and mind happy. If you fail the first few times, don’t let that come in your way. Remember what I said in the beginning?

“If you wanna give in to such emotions then you might as well close this tab and go back to being who you were before, because with an attitude like this, you simply cannot move forward.”

Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. Keep pushing forward till you find that one hobby you simply cannot get enough of!


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