Marriage is not simple. You need to work at growing, building, and enhancing it. Random sayings like “once married, twice doomed“ are not making things easier for wives and partners looking to keep their husbands interested in them. How to control husbands is all about learning what makes them tick.

Where men are quick to react, women take their time with understanding what a conflict is all about. This is how they have superior control over any emotional scenario. This is also what we mean by "control", not some droid-like enslavement (unless you’re into that sort of thing) but simple manipulation to keep a marriage polished.

How to Control Your Husband for Better Marriage


Get Him Enamored

To maintain the spark with your husband, you need to leave some blank space for your honey to explore, which also enables you to surprise him once in a while. 

  • You do not need to say things like "I know a secret", "I won’t tell you...", and "there’s more to me than meets the eye". You need to show mystery rather than talking about it. For example, tell your husband your schedule but leave some details out to get a sense of mystery, keeping him thinking about you and wondering what you are doing.

  • When you know your man likes something, surprise him with a request or suggestion to try it, like "Don’t know you liked bowling, honey" This happy coincidence will definitely make you more attractive to your husband.


Cater to His Likings

You may both like the same things but you may like them differently. Your hubby may enjoy a certain meal at a certain time. Take a moment to understand, then throw on his favorite color and treat him to one. Do it his way, and you will be pleased when he attempts the same for you. Often, nurturing his masculine passions for gaming, sports, and outdoorsy stuff with his buddies will make you a goddess in his eyes.


Step Up with His Emotional and Intellectual Needs

From books to movies, drinks to dishes, travel to kinks, a man has his own specific needs that run the spectrum from intellectual to emotional, and anywhere in between. Note these as you stumble across them during conversations or if you happen to catch a sneaky glimpse at his internet history (don’t do this deliberately, by the way). Use one of these at a time to let him know you are on his side, no matter it's geeky or lovey-dovey. So with all that being said, how to control husbands takes more panache than you may think.


Let Him Be the Boy He Used to Be

Granted, you are the apple of his eye but men still need their own space, their own caveman comforts, and his "gang" of dude-friends. For example, although he wants to be your perfect husband, he also wants to wear pants or slippers and maybe even get drunk with his friends once in a while. Don't judge because that good husband of yours deserves to enjoy that part of his own life. You just let him do what he loves at times, boyish or not, and make him feel like he’s still the man he was before he said "I Do". When he’s charming, appreciate it. When he’s being facetious around his guy friends, go with it. He will love you more for letting him have his individuality.


Play the Confidence Card

Praise him at the right time and in the right tone. Time and tone can boost a man’s confidence to such a high degree you’ll be shocked to see him come back for more. Being his partner in marriage makes you the most important source of confidence he will ever have. He is still his own man but also married. Give him support before an endeavor and talk about his effort if things go downhill. He’s an imperfect human, don’t give up on him.


Be the Naughty Girl

Marriage does not mean you are suddenly Mrs. Sugarplum all the time. It’s alright to be nice to your guy when you can, but a little spice (lots, if you can manage it) can make you seem more attractive, challenging, and sexy. Little things like play-slaps, a butt-spank as he passes by, an ear-nibble when he is at the desk, or a surprise in bed, each of them feminine and seductive, can make you the highlight of his day. Let him bring the cute and you bring the spice. Whatever you do, do it with a hint of sex appeal or it will seem too "motherly".


Take the Lead for a Change

He’s the man, sure, but he can often be a boy when least expected. Take the initiative when you feel he can’t do it on his own. Understand the difference between letting a man "do a man’s job" and when you need to step in and guide the flow. Patience, subtle cues, and a little role-play magic in the bedroom without his asking for it, are some of the many ways you can show "leadership" in marriage. This is one of the sharpest tools on how to control husbands.


Wear a Unique Scent

Men love this and they even dream about stuff like this. Scent is as much a form of control as your appearance. Don’t ask him his favorite perfume on you, instead try a few and see which one makes him kiss you longer, touch you more intimately, and literally smell you all over. If your perfume can make a wolf out of your hubby, that’s the one you need to use. Be sure to keep a few perfumes handy for diversity’s sake, and try to avoid using the same ones as his co-workers (tricky territory).


Always Be The Beautiful Woman He Falls in Love With

Men are very visual creatures. They think deep and have their "smart alec" moments, but at the end of the day their eyes are the real judges. Marriage doesn’t mean letting yourself go and assuming your man will still run after you. He will love you, for sure, but he will gradually stop lusting after you. You need both to keep a marriage going. Stay fit, put on stuff he likes: eyelashes, certain types of clothes, a tan, and so on. He will respond by staying fit and wearing things you like just to keep you in his life.


Surprisingly, Freedom Helps

How to control husbands seems contradictory to giving freedom to your husband, but that's not the fact. Trust is crucial in a marriage. It’s also the backbone of your decision to grant your other half freedom. We aren’t stupid and we know bad things happen when men are given a loose leash, but you can’t control everything either. By following the steps above and giving him his freedom, he will come back to you. Giving him his space imparts intrigue to you and cuts over-familiarization. The balance will do wonders for your bond.


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