Did you know that we spend 26 years sleeping in our beds!? If we are going to spend that much of our lives in bed, then shouldn’t our beds be the ultimate sanctuary? Don’t we deserve beds that have the absolute best sheets and pillows —ones that are as soft as down and as fluffy as clouds?

Here at Freshome, we say YES! Our beds, and our bedrooms for that matter, should be rooms full of lavish, sumptuous comfort—they should be retreats where we can escape the stresses of our hectic day. So, how do you get the best possible bedding?

This article will explain everything that you need to know about buying the absolute best bed linens that money can buy.  We will  cover topics such as thread count, pillows, and of course, we will offer some amazing bedroom design inspiration.

Part 1


Does Thread Count, Count?

By now, you have probably heard that a high thread count is the ultimate key to a comfortable bed.  If you have ever had the pleasure of laying your weary head down on a 1000 thread-count pillow case, then you may know what everyone is raving about.

ABC News offers an informative article/show on Everything You Need to Know Before Buying New Sheets. One of the intriguing things that their study suggests is that a higher thread count does not always equate to a softer sheet. In fact, the feel of the sheet in the store may be altered as they can be enhanced with silicone softeners that disappear after the first wash. So don’t be fooled by thread count. Most of the test subjects chose the 400-count sheets over the 1000-count sheets!

If you want soft, comfortable sheets that guarantee a great nights sleep, then 100% cotton is your best bet. You can choose from Egyptian cottons, Pima cottons or combed cottons. However, if you prefer a more affordable sleep while still remaining cool and crisp, then maybe a polyester/percale blend is best. Or if you want to feel luxurious, then opt for satin sheets, but remember they do tend to trap in heat, making for a less comfortable sleep—unless you tend to run cold at night.


Coordination Is Key

Now that you have the perfect sheets picked out, you are ready to coordinate the rest of your bedding. Look around your bedroom—what is your style, what colors are in the decor? This is your jumping-off point for designing your comforter style, duvet style and decorative pillow choices.

The bedroom in the image below is well-coordinated. The bold blue stripe on the headboard is matched by blue bedside lamps, blue floral pillows, and a solid blue blanket folded at the base of the bed. While you may not want your room so perfectly coordinated, this gives you an idea of how to pull it all together, no matter what color scheme you choose.

Your bedroom design should be a reflection of you. Just as with every other room in your home—a bedroom should be a well-designed comfortable space. Matching pillows, and coordinated bedding goes a long way towards making your bedroom look well-decorated/designed.


Try New Bedding Trends

You may be tired of the old pillows and bedding that you bought last year. The good news is that decorative pillows, comforters and duvet covers don’t need to be big investment pieces. You can get away with going a little cheap when it comes to most bedding purchases—except for the sheets.

The sheets are always the item that you should invest in, while the rest of the bedding can be remain exquisite, but much less costly. There are plenty of home stores that offer low-priced pillows, duvet covers, and comforters that are very on-trend with current design.

These trendy bed accessories may not last as long as the pricier brands, but since you may grow tired of them after a year or two that is OK—plus trends change and you will be ready for a bedroom update before you know it.


All White Is Right

Do you refuse to buy anything but the best? Sometimes despite what’s in our wallets, we want to buy the best of everything. After all, some say that quality is king, and investing in the best quality means you have something that lasts a lifetime.

If you tend to think this way, then you should probably consider buying all-white bedding. When we invest in anything, we should invest in a classic—something that will never go out of style. White sheets and bedding will always remain classic. While this may sound boring, it is wise advice.

After all,  you can always dress-up plain bedding with a few accent pillows. Essentially, if you are going to invest in top-quality bedding, then make sure you buy something that you will not grow tired of.


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