The notification light on your phone can be quite useful, letting you know there's something new without even turning the screen on, what you may not have known is that you can actually change the colour of the notification light, and you can even make them different colours for different things, in this article I will show you how this is done.

How to Change Your Phone's Notification Light Colour


Search the Play Store for Light Manager

To get started changing the colour of our notification light we first need to download a free application called Light Manager, head over to Google Play type "Light Manager" in the search box.


Download and Install Light Manager

The first app that comes up should be the right one, you can check my screen here to see if it is or not, there are two results for Light Manager, the app is completely free the paid version just gets rid of the ads you see when your are changing the light settings, the ads will not appear anywhere else.


Set the app up

Once Light Manager has been downloaded we can finally get to the fun of setting it up! Once you launch the app you will be presented with a screen like the one displayed here.

On screen will be a list of default settings with different colours set, a missed call for example will be green, a new email in the gmail app will make the light pink, and a calendar reminder will make the light blue.

These settings are all customizable and you can turn them off if you like as well, you can also add custom settings for your own apps like candy crush for example.


Changing the Settings

Changing the settings for an app is simple, just tap on the app you want to change, you will then be shown a screen that will allow you to enable/disable the notification, change the rate that the light flashes, change the colour, and test what it will look like, and if you really want to customize it you can even change the settings depending on who is messaging or emailing you.

and that's it, enjoy having different colours on your notification light.


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