Most men are always looking for advice on how to be an alpha male - in their relationships, at work, or any other areas of their life. To be an alpha male is to become a man others look up to, someone who gets respect and is acknowledged to be superior to others. An alpha male is someone who is not only a winner in his social and professional circles, but a person who is the master in his own life and choices.

The Complete List of Things to Do to Be an Alpha Male

An alpha model is a man of many qualities and traits, most of which you can master very easily if you have a list like the following:

Be Comfortable with Yourself

An alpha male should be comfortable with himself, just the way he is. If you want to know how to be an alpha male, you have to be completely at ease with yourself - at every situation in life.


Be Confident, Too

To be an alpha male, you need to have confidence in yourself, even if you are not in the best place in your life. You have to believe in yourself all the time, and show it in your words and actions.


Be Passionate

To know how to be an alpha male, you have to know your passion in life. A man who is passionate about something in his life - his family, his career, his dreams - is a man who is different from the majority.


Be Real

It is very important that you, to be an alpha male, is completely aware of who you are. Alpha males don't fake anything; they are aware of their weaknesses and flaws and they are okay with themselves.


Be Tough

Be tough, not only physically but mentally as well. Mental strength is harder to achieve, but more important in order to be an alpha male.


Be Decisive

Have you ever seen an alpha male double guess himself, or regret his decision? No! Because to know how to become an alpha male, you have to be able to take decisions promptly and confidently.


Be Courageous

To be an alpha male is to have the courage to pursue your dreams, no matter how hard the journey ahead might be.


Be Persistent

Failure is inevitable in life, but you should never let that stop you from pursuing your goals in life.


Be Driven

Unless something is driving you towards your goal, your chances of success are very low. It's the driven men who can become the alpha males in society, men who are determined and ambitious.


Be a Leader

Leadership is a skill that is handy in all situations, and it is very important that you have this expertise. Leadership comes naturally to some men, while others have to acquire it through experience and time.


Be Competitive

If you think losing is acceptable, you may not be an alpha male material. Alpha males don't stop until they win, and they consider themselves to be in competition with everyone.


Be a Solver

The men who are the problem solvers and the doers are the ones we respect and look up to. Becoming an alpha male means you have to become the problem solver in your circle, helping others make decisions and resolve their difficulties.


Be Physical, When Necessary

Don't be afraid to get physical when the occasion calls for it, which could be defending someone, helping a friend in a bar fight, saving a woman from a bad situation, or getting down to change your tire.


Start Speaking Your Mind

You should never be afraid to speak your mind, no matter what the consequences. These days, many men keep their opinions to themselves because they are afraid of hurting someone's sensibilities, but the alpha male would never do that. To know how to be an alpha male, you have to know to speak your mind when the situation demands.


Have the Right Look

You have to look right to play right; as an alpha male, you should pay attention to your look. This includes grooming, attention to personal hygiene, and the correct getup. Fashion is important, so pick the right style that goes with your personality; your fashion sense should appeal to others and make you attractive to them.


Be Optimistic

Being negative all the time and complaining makes a man seem desperate and whiney, and they are not attractive characteristics in a person. An alpha male is not a person who is pessimistic, so you need to put your optimistic foot forward. Learn to be positive in the most distressing situations, see the bright side to everything and see the opportunity in every hurdle.


Start Saying “No”

Not many people have the power to say “no” others, but an alpha male should. Instead of fearing the consequences of offending someone, try saying “no” to the things you don't want to do for others. People will ask you for favors, and saying “yes” to everything will make you a pushover. Saying “no” once in a while does not make you selfish but a person who can look after himself.


Make Your Words Count

Everything that comes out of your mouth should be important and worthy of others’ time and attention. An alpha male does not talk unnecessarily all the time and lose interest of his peers; so, make sure you are saying something important and worthwhile.


Don't Be Scared to Stand Out

If you are different from others, it's not something to hide. Alpha males are okay with standing out from the rest of the crowd, and they are not scared to show their differences. If you want to become an alpha male, take your uniqueness and display them for the world to see.


Don't Look for Validation

You don't need to seek approval from others to be an alpha male, your own validation is enough for you to know right and wrong, and it is all that you need to be happy.


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