Acting is one interesting field in arts. As early as kindergarten, you have probably been exposed to role-plays revolving on a central theme or story. You, together with your fellow actors, learn how to interact with each other and live the scenes as if they were truly happening. However, being a good actor is not done overnight. Whether you are a student involved in theater or someone pursuing the craft professionally, you will certainly need some advice on how to be a good actor.

11 Proven Tips on How to Be a Good Actor


Know more about your character

If you want to know how to be a good actor, you definitely have to know more about him. Reflect on the experiences and past of the character so you would understand his motivations. Also, approach the writer and the director and ask them what they think about your character. Hear their vision and seek insights on how you can live it out through your words and actions. Study how your character interacts with others in the production as this will help you fully portray the character.


Live your character

After knowing more about your character, go beyond the sessions and find opportunities on how you can live out your character. Depending on the character itself, set a time for you to portray this character. Living him out may mean changing your appearance, the way you speak and carry yourself, and the way you dress. Living the role helps you have a deeper insight on the motivations of the character and act according to his perspective.


Do not mind the camera

The presence of the camera can weed out the good from the poor actors. Because they are very conscious of the idea of someone recording their actions, poor actors tend to tense up and make more mistakes when the camera is rolling. For you to be a good actor, you have to forget the camera and just focus on the scene. Work towards delivering your lines and acting your character out. You do not have to please the camera because when you do things right, the people behind it becomes happy anyway.


Respect the script

Understand that the script is the work of a screenwriter. When it was being written, he had visions on how your character should act and go. Unless the crew tells you that it is okay to improvise, obey the script as much as possible. Deviating from the script more than necessary can prolong the take. Also, it can lead people into thinking that you are a man of your own and have difficulties in following simple instructions.


Practice your lines several times

Now that you are more aware of how you should work with the script, take time in practicing your lines several times. Understand how critical they are in a given scene and know the proper way of saying them. It would also help if you can ask someone to practice with you and read another character’s lines. This will help you become more familiar with the scene and thus find different styles on how you can say your lines.


Own the success of the production

When you decided that you wanted to become an actor, you are also accepting the idea that you are part of a much bigger crew. You are not a man of your own and that your actions affect other people as well. As such, find ways on how you can help your fellow actors. Be concerned about the rules and regulations and try to know more about how you can help make the production a success.


Study how your idols do it

If you are wondering how to be a good actor, study how your idols do it. When you started acting, you probably have an idea on what good acting means. There are probably a number of celebrities who inspire you because of their skills. To be a good actor, it may help if you learn exactly why you admire a certain celebrity. Watch your favorite movies of them and see how they lived the role of a given character. From this, you can pick up tips that you can use during practice sessions.


Find your own pattern and style

As you become more familiar with acting, you will soon realize that you know how to be a good actor if you found your own pattern and style. Having your own style will make you unique and can thus capture the attention of movie producers and the audiences. Your versatility can also help you land different roles and projects. Take time finding your own voice and it will soon become more rewarding.


Do improvisation sessions

In order for you to become a good actor, do improvisation sessions with friends and fellow actors. These sessions will allow you to react accordingly to situations and be aware of the different scenarios that may arise. Also, this will help you become comfortable in sudden changes and would teach you how to adjust easily. To do this, list different scenarios and ask some friends to choose several for you to live out.


Do “cold readings”

Cold readings are very similar to improvisation scenarios, only that they are actual scripts and passages. This will help prepare your mind and body and will allow you to become more comfortable with acting. To do this, get a book of monologues or pick something that you can read and read it aloud. This is a good warm-up exercise because it relaxes your oral muscles and helps you read passages clearly and properly.


Loosen up and enjoy life

If you are wondering how to be a good actor, you have to learn how to empathize. You can learn more about empathy by experiencing a lot of things and understanding more about human behavior. Travel, volunteer, meet new people – these things will help you learn more about life and human motivations.


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