At EnkiVillage, we believe that sharing knowledge is intellectual charity, so donations will be made monthly for each individual who contributes articles. Want to know how this works?

Donation Rules


When to Donate

At present, there are 3 main rules involving the time of donation:

  • The amount of donation is based on how many articles you have contributed on EnkiVillage: 1 article for 1 dollar.

  • When the due donation reaches or excels 10 dollars, donation to a certain charity organization on your behalf will be made.

  • Now donation is made in the midmonth or at the end of each month.


Chosen Charity Organization

Now we mainly donate to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for its great work, especially in improving women's health care (Because tomorrow needs her) and fighting against Ebola. We are looking forward to cooperating with more reputable charities to make the best of all donations. In the future, writers can choose which charity organization they want to donate to.

Until now, the donation has been made to the following 2 projects of MSF:

  • Fighting Against Ebola 

Know more information about Ebola and the MSF's role in this fight from

  • Because tomorrow needs her

Know this fight for women's health from


Proof of Donation

  • Every time we donate for you, an electronic certificate from MSF will be sent to you. So when you register on EnkiVillage, be sure to fill your real name which will appear on the certificate and an effective e-mail address to which the certificate will be sent. For safety's sake, your real name and registered email address will never be displayed on the website or seen by a third party, unless we are under attack.

  • Besides, you can get your detailed donation statistics in your profile, including your past donation, due donation, target charity organization, donation certificate and the like.


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