Everyday we can see some celebs' picture on the Internet or newspaper. Then, how do celebs live their on life? How do celebs manage to avoid the paparazzi?

Part 1


Don't Live in Los Angeles or New York

This one is probably a given as almost every celebrity or socialite lives in one of these cities. To be fair, that's where all the castings are, and who doesn't like convenience? Unfortunately, the paparazzi have also gotten the memo and are following celebs to record their every move. Julia Roberts and Danny Moder raise their kids on a ranch in Taos, New Mexico. As a result, they've managed to avoid the bright flashes that accompany stars on a daily basis.


Wear a Costume

A good disguise comes in handy when you're famous, especially by association. Jaden Smith walked around in an Iron Man costume while he was out with Kylie Jenner and friends. A better disguise would've been one that didn't make everyone look at him, but his anonymity was intact.


Wear a Mask

This isn't a new tactic, and it's sort of obvious too. At masquerade balls, people wear masks to remain mysterious when they meet new people. This gives them the chance to get away without the other person knowing who they are. Justin Bieber took this tactic to the public by sporting a Guy Fawkes mask. People figured out who he was, but it was still funny.


Shield Yourself with Animals

Everyone loves to pet a large group of puppies, but they're probably more of a nuisance if you're trying to get somewhere or do your job. Daniel Radcliffe takes his nine dogs out on a walk every day. Not only do they keep the paparazzi at a safe distance, but also they're there to defend him. Ashley Tisdale does the same with her dog.


Let Everyone Know You're Not Famous Anymore

Honesty is key, and therefore being assertive and blunt is encouraged. Shia LaBeouf did just that by wearing a paper bag over his head that read, "I'm not famous anymore." If you don't speak your mind, no one knows what you're thinking.


Wear the Same Outfit Every Day for Five Months

This probably sounds unsanitary, but it worked for Daniel Radcliffe. The paparazzi love to comment on celebrities' outfits, and Radcliffe made his fashion statements boring yet predictable to get them to back off. They won't bother you if you have nothing for them to report.


Scribble Profanity on Your Face

Most publications have to censor inappropriate language or swear words. Marilyn Manson wrote profanities on his face. The paparazzi can't publish these pictures. Even if they censor the photos, it just won't do the profanities justice.


Start Recording the Paparazzi

The best way to punish people is by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Joseph Gordon Levitt was spotted filming paparazzi while they snapped various photos of him. Not only does it cause a distraction, but also it makes the paparazzi look ridiculous. The message is loud and clear.


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