NBA teams don't hold tryouts, but the NBA Development League does. To try out for the NBA Development League, fill out the registration paperwork, pay the fee and attend the tryout.

Part 1


Fill out the registration form

You can try out for a specific team in the NBA Development League, or you can choose to try out for the league. A successful team tryout results in an invitation to attend the team's training camp, while a successful league tryout makes you eligible for the league's draft. You must be at least 18 years old on the day of the tryout.


Pay the registration fee

The fee varies based on whether you're trying out for the league or a single team. The fee must be paid in advance if trying out for the league. Certain teams allow paying the fee the day of tryouts; however, doing so may cost more than paying in advance.


Attend the tryout

Bring food and any equipment you need to the try out. Earning a roster spot on a NBA Development League team requires being one of the best players at the tryouts. Playing in the Development League gives you the chance to get signed to an NBA team if you play well enough. Only a small percentage of Development League players make it to the NBA.


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