We all know that most of the cast of in a horror movie has to be inadvertentlysacrificed to satisfy the inflated ego of the lead protagonist or lead ghost. But, some movies really go overboard when it comes to depicting painful and horrifying deaths in a movie. Below is a list of movies that would make the hair on your hand stand while a “yuck!!” escapes your lips.

Horror Movies That Send a Chill Down Your Spine


The Happening

This movie somehow figured out the worst way to die in the absence of any real devil. Death by the crushing teeth of a lawnmower!! This movie was based on nature taking its revenge on humans and has a series of scenes where people just kill themselves. The director has deployed a fair amount of creativity in terms of how a person would choose to die – jumping from a building, shooting himself and so on. But, jumping in front of a lawnmower was excessive even for the hardcore horror movie fans.



Remember the cute doggy door in your house. Well it doesn’t seem cute anymore after watching scream. Ghostface (villainous character) gets a brilliant idea to simply lower the garage door when the lead protagonist is trying to flee and gets stuck in the doggy door. The rest is evident and I doubt if any more creativity can be embedded into a slasher movie. Every time I watch scream I just choose to look the other way while the poor lady dies while trapped in a doggy door.


Dawn of the Dead

With zombie movies made in dozens there is not much that differentiates one from the other. If you are new to this genre then you should probably start by watching the Dawn of the dead as it will always remain the single most impactful movie. One peculiar accident (yes you heard it right!! Accident in a zombie movie) in this movie is really haunting where the lead protagonist kills himself and another character while trying to yield a chainsaw. This scene kept revolving in my head for a while and I could not digest that with thousands of zombies around to massacre one ends up killing himself. This scene was shot with brutal taste and the look on the cast’s face is priceless as the lead realizes what he has done!!


Nightmare on Elm Street

I must have seen dozens of characters get killed in horror flicks in a variety of ways, but never before had witnessed a death which was as mysterious as Glen in Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy is almost a magician in this scene and all you can see is a gush or rather a fountain of blood but besides that nothing is concrete. Out of nowhere a come out of bed and pulls Glen down as he shouts and screams for help, the rest of scene is just a bloody massacre, I assumed the worst - Glen must have been liquefied!!


The Birds

If you had a choice to star in a horror flick and choose the method of your demise, guess what would be at the bottom of your list – Getting pecked by birds until death.

I cannot imagine a more painful and horrifying way to die and Alfred Hitchcock proved his mettle as a director by filming one of the most impactful horror movie death. Never again am I feeding pigeons in the town square.


Final Destination 3

I used to love tanning beds and would often cut down on my time on the beach and would resort to a tanning salon. But after watching the tanning accident in Final Destination 3, no one would even approach a tanning salon as apparently a harmless tanning process can lead to a grueling death. What makes this scene even gorieris the camera footage from the tanning bed to capture the last seconds of Ashley’s life.



There will always be a debate over whether or not Saw is the best horror flick of our generation. But one thing is certain that burning like a human candle is not a peaceful way to bid goodbye!! This scene established the premise for gore that was later copied in many other movies and to this days I shiver while thinking of a man who has to find an antidote by using a candle while he himself is covered with flammable jelly. His chances were slim to say the least. It was heartening to see the look of desperation on the victim’s face and that speaks volumes about the impact it had on the audience.


247 F

Although there was no human or ghostly villain featured in 247 F it still managed to churn many stomachs. What started as a harmless Sauna bath ended up as one of the most horrific setup ever to be shown on the big screen.Think about it you are taking a relaxing steam bath and the Sauna decides to turn up the temperature until you are forced to burn yourself on a bed of hot coals just to cool down the room temperature. Scary isn’t it!!



You think that pigs at the Grandpa’s farm are cute and harmless, well think again. Once Dr Lecter has had his way with them, they will transform to monstrous but loyal cannibal pigs. The scene from Hannibal where the wheelchair ridden victim of Dr. Lecter gets eaten up by pigs is still etched in my mind. Add the irony that the pigs were trained by Verge himself to exact his revenge on Hannibal and you have a winner.



Alien was no doubt a trendsetter and inspired a league of alien attack based movies but one scene from this movie has stayed with me.Do you have a strange numbing pain in your chest, then you might have a neighborhood alien parked inside you!! After watching the chest bursting scene in Alien I have decided to stab myself to death on the slightest hint of having a chest infection. The director hit the last nail on the coffin for Kane by choosing the most horrific death in cinematic history for him. Imagine feeling something ripping through your body until you die due to excessive bleeding and the wound.


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