One way that employers have discovered to keep their costs down is to hire part-time and temporary employees. This does cause challenges for some; however, many people prefer to work part-time because it provides them with more flexibility within their schedules.

Part-time jobs have become a way of life for about 8 million Americans.  Some are combining several part-time jobs so that they can work on finding their dream job. Others are enjoying the part-time work because it allows them time for other endeavors, such as raising kids.

When it comes to finding a part-time job, either out of necessity or by choice, you want one that will offer good wages and personal contentment. Listed below is some of the high paying part time jobs which you might be interested in.

11 High Paying Part Time Jobs


Physical Therapist

Average Salary: $40,000

Physical therapists work with people who need help in their physical recovery.  If you want to help someone learn to walk after surgery or use a prosthetic limb, then becoming a physical therapist may be for you. By acquiring a postgraduate professional degree, you can enjoy the flexible schedule of a physical therapist.


Information Technology Consultant

Average Salary: $41,700

There is a rise in companies that need someone to help with data storage, security, networking, upgrades, and other technology areas. If you are able to understand computer technology and strategically think on your feet, and have a bachelor’s degree then you may find a career as an information technology consultant is good for you.


Art Director

Average Salary: $47,600

You might enjoy a career as an art director if you enjoy collaborating with other conceptual thinkers and creative people. An art director is able to see a creative process through from beginning to end. You will be able to work in a wide range of industries such as game design and marketing where you can set the artistic vision for projects. Having an associate’s degree is all you need, but having a bachelor’s degree gives you more opportunities.



Average Hourly Wage:  $22.77 

Tutoring is one of the least formal types of part-time jobs. It is essentially a side business where you work directly with your clients. It also provides the most flexibility in both when you work and what you work on. Tutors are needed for all subjects ranging from test preparation to mathematics, and English as a second language to adult writing skills.



Average Hourly Wage: $14.02

Bookkeeping is in high demand as the number of small businesses begin to rise. Small businesses will hire part-time bookkeepers because they do not have the finances to hire someone full-time. The only skills needed are basic math skills and an understanding of financial spreadsheets or software.



Average Hourly Wage: $9.06 (Remember you get tips too)

You do not have to have any education in bartending as you can learn on the job. This is a great opportunity to keep your day job as bartenders normally work weekends and evenings.



Average Salary: This is truly dependent on who hires you and your experience.

Being an actor or extra is great for aspiring the spians and those who have never even thought about it before. It will fill up your spare time with a fun activity while giving you extra cash. It’s not the most conventional, but an hour or two’s pay can be well worth your time.

Being an actor or extra can be easy, but it takes a lot of dedication and repetition. You may have to perform the same scene over and over again, so having a little patience will get you a long way in this line of work.



Average Salary: Sales positions fall into regular wages depending on the specific job.

Having an outgoing personality and great negotiation skills will help you along in your career. If you have a natural talent, you may excel faster than your peers. You will also have an easy time excelling and increasing your pay if you are ambitious and work hard.


Web Designer/Developer

Average Salary: Pay is solely dependent on the position and employer.

Many small businesses have a small fund for IT personnel, website designers, and digital marketers along with many other specialized areas. Web designers and developers are an integral part of building any business. You are sure to build a great portfolio and gain much needed experience working as a part-time web designer.


Social Media Support

Average Hourly Wage:  $20 - $50 for beginners.

It takes more than just having active profiles to be considered for social media support. However, having a solid background and an understanding of new technologies can get you into the career of social media strategizing. Many companies, large and small, are looking for those who are willing to adapt to new trends to help them increase their social media presence.



Average Hourly Wage: Your wage depends on your skills and expertise.

Although this choice is often thought of as a summer job for students, you can make a lucrative career out of landscaping.  If you enjoy being outdoors and working on challenging projects, then this may be the career for you. You will be able to make your own schedule and enjoy your work.

  • Always take a bit of time to search for high paying part time jobs whether you are underemployed or unemployed.
  • Remember that you can always pick a new part-time job if you do not like the one you chose.

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