Anime are Japanese productions, usually animated through either drawings or computer animation. These movies often have vibrant characters, very colorful graphics, and themes that stretch the imagination. The earliest anime was created in 1917, and soon became a very popular art form. Today, the anime industry has over 430 production studios, all of which are constantly churning out new anime for fans. Popularity of the animations has grown dramatically in the past few years. The following movies are good anime to watch for those who want to become more familiar with the craft.

Top 10 Good Anime to Watch


Death Note

Genres: Crime, Drama

Release Year: 2006-2007

This is really a good anime to watch. One of the most popular anime among young adults, this anime focuses on a magical notebook that can kill anyone as long as their name is written in it. A high school student realizes the power of the notebook and goes on a crusade to rid the world of crime and evil by writing certain names down as a death note.


Princess Mononoke

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Release Year: 1997       

A curse has been cast, and Ashitaka must find a way to break it. But in the midst of his search for the cure, he finds himself in the midst of a war between the forest gods and a mining colony. He sees good on both sides of the fight and tries to intervene to end the war. 


Spirited Away

Genres: Adventure and Family

Release Year: 2003

Her family is moving to the suburbs, and Sen is not happy. She wanders into a world that is astonishing to her ten-year-old eyes: One where gods, monsters and witches rule, and where humans are transformed into animals.



Genres: Action, Fantasy

Release Year: 2011-2012

Most of the guys would agree this one is another good anime to watch. Seven magi summon the seven historic spirits to compete for the Holy Grail and the miracle it grants, but one of the fighters has lost the way of his heart. When he crosses paths with a nemesis, he starts to understand why things have happened the way they have thus far.


Grave of the Fireflies

Genres: Drama, Action

Release Year: 1988

World War II was difficult, especially for the children of Japan. This tragic tale focuses on a young boy and his little sister as they struggle for survival in war-torn Japan.


Cowboy Bebop

Genres: Action, Crime

Release Year: 2001

Terrorists are on the attack, this time unleashing a powerful virus on an unsuspecting population. The Bebop crew is a bounty-hunting wonder that will stop at nothing to find the culprit responsible and put an end to the mayhem.



Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Year: 2000-2001

This one could a good anime to watch for most of the anime fans. Naota is twelve years old when he meets a very strange woman, one who is riding a Vespa and wielding a very big guitar. From the moment they meet, very strange things happen. Who is she? Is she insane? And what does she want, anyway?


Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Genres: Comedy, Adventure

Release Year: 2010

Sousuke is ready for battle, but he’s just going to high school—not nearly as exciting! He’s an undercover bodyguard who makes a hilarious bumble of the job by blowing up lockers, hitting on girls and pulling other crazy stunts that make him the silliest bodyguard ever.



Genres: Action, Fantasy        

Release Year: 2001-2002

Modern-day England is full of ghouls and vampires. Who will keep the people safe? The Hellsing foundation works to do just that, but now they face a new challenge—a designer drug that gives humans the ability to become vampires. The odds are now overwhelming…


Space Dandy

Genres: Adventure, Comedy

Release Year: 2014

This is the most talk-about anime this year and also a very funny and good anime to watch. Dandy is an alien-hunter who has the best of intentions, but he is close to useless. He has no idea he is being pursued by the evil Dr. Gel of the Gogol Empire. With his sidekicks, the robot assistant QT and a cat-like alien named Meow, Dandy finds all sorts of misadventures on his journey through the stars.


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