Gmail is one of the best email services provided by Google, with 15 GB storage for free and only a few text advertisement which can be also hidden easily. You can visit Gmail from any devices such as your PC, your MacBook, your iPhone, your android smartphone etc. Gmail is both powerful and easy to use – with its best search engine, you can find any mail you want easily. Moreover, Gmail has higher security and stability, meaning that you don't worry about the missing of mails and failure in connection with Gmail. Gmail is suitable for both family user for personal use and business user for formal use. Here show the steps on how to create new account in Gmail.

Steps - How to Create New Account in Gmail


Open your browser, visit the site


Do you see the button "Create an account" at the top right corner? Click it for that we need to register for a Google account as this account is for all Google products including Gmail, YouTube, Google+ etc.


Fill out the required information on the webpage. Be careful on your username as it cannot be changed and also remember the password you set.


Google needs a phone number to verify this registration is operated by someone but not by a server. So Google will send a text message with verification code in it, you need to provide the code for continue. If you don't have a phone number, you can ask for your friends or parents. This operation won't combine the phone number with the account, meaning that even the phone number owner can't change the password, so you don't need to worry about the security.


Then the browser will jump to a new page to induce you to create a public Google+ profile. If you want to have a Google+ profile you can "Add a photo" and "Create your profiles" according to the instruction. If not, click on the button "No thanks" to continue the registration.


Now you've finished the registration. Click on the button "Continue to Gmail" to start your experience on Gmail.


When you enter your Gmail account first time, there will be a popped up window showing the properties of Gmail. You may read the carefully to help you boost your efficiency. Click on the button "X" at the top right corner to use your Gmail, now you can compose and send mails to your friends to tell them that you've started to use this new account.


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