The way we listen to music today has certainly evolved throughout the years. Less than twenty years ago you wouldn’t have thought you would be listening to music on your phone. Today, not only can you tune in to your favorite songs on your smartphone, but you also have your choice of free music apps to choose from. These apps open up a whole new world to music lovers allowing them to play their own library of favorites, identify songs they hear on the radio, enjoy streaming music, locate radio stations in their area, and experience new types of music and musicians. Here listed some best free music apps, most of which can be used in multiple platform such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Best Free Music Apps



With Pandora, all you have to do is input your favorite artist, the types of music you prefer, or the names of your favorite tunes and this app will create a customized playlist based on this information. It’s like having your own private radio station. Even better, you’re not limited to just one station – you can set up to 100 stations each with a different musician or genre. You can tune in via the web, on your television, and in your car.

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Palm Pre, NOOK, BlackBerry, Palm Pixi

Customer Review:

As someone who spends a lot of time on the road, I find that with Pandora, then I won’t mind the commute as much as I used to. I just tune in to my station and all my favorite artists and songs keep me entertained to and from work and school.



Spotify works in the same way that Pandora does in that you can create your own music station based on all your preferences. Search for your favorites then add them to the music library you have created so you can enjoy them whenever you like. One nice feature is being notified when that album you’ve been waiting for has finally being released. You can even save the entire album to your playlist once it’s available.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

Customer Review:

For me, Spotify is the best way to stream music whenever you want. I have tried other apps but have been using this one for more than a year now. Love the fact that I can shift to other devices literally without missing a beat!



CNET calls iHeartRadio “the best streaming radio app” and it’s easy to see why. This music app is host to 400,000 artists, more than 18 million songs, and thousands of radio stations across the country. iHeartRadio is not just limited to music, you can check out episodes on an on-demand basis for a variety of sports, news, finance, entertainment, and comedy programs.

Platform: iPad, iPod touch, Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, Windows Phone 8/7

Customer Review:

I like iHeartRadio. It puts me in touch with all different types of music and has introduced me to artists I might never have known about through mainstream Top 40 radio stations. I look forward to listening to it every day because I never know what new music is going to hit my airwaves.



What do you do when you are listening to a song on the radio and you don’t know who sings it? Thanks to Shazam, now you can hold your iPhone device up to the Shazam app and after processing it for a few seconds, you will have the information you are looking for. Like magic, the software that makes up the Shazam app is able to let you know the name of the song and the artist who is performing it. This information is especially valuable when you really want to know the name of the song.

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone

Customer Review:

One of the best parts about Shazam is that I no longer have to rack my brain trying to figure out who is singing a particular song. I just use my trusty app and within seconds I know exactly who it is. The other good part is impressing my friends with this cool (and free!) app.



If you enjoy music you will really like the SoundCloud app. But if you like to make music you are going to love this innovative way to showcase new talent. You can comment a music at any specific point in this app and then anyone else will see your comment when he is listening the same song. Then it is a great way for social communications as you may find that someone has similar preference in music with you. Also, disc jockeys, musicians, and other entertainers have a forum where they can work on their craft and share it with friends, family members, and people who appreciate independent artists.

Platform: iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android

Customer Review:

I started out with SoundCloud when it first came out and I have been very happy with it for more than four years. They continue to make improvements so it just keeps getting better and better!


8tracks Radio

Have you ever wanted to make a playlist for a special someone or a special occasion? Are you stuck because you don’t know where to begin? Fear not, 8tracks Radio is an app that has more than 2 million playlists that were lovingly put together by music lovers who put their heart and soul into each compilation. Shop around and have fun discovering groupings you may never have even thought of.

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android

Customer Review: 

While I love music, I don’t feel like the most creative person around so putting together a playlist has always been something I have started but never completed. 8tracks Radio saved the day for me. Now I can look through playlists that have already been put together and enjoy them as if they were my own!


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