Do you love a shaking incomplete story with unexpected happenings and people scared silly? If you do, you are not alone. Do you love the pure adrenalin rush of screaming with your eyes shut and groping for a friend’s hand or body to crush? If you want a list of ten frighteningly fun found footage horror movies, keep reading. 

Top 10 Found Footage Horror Movies

These 10 frighteningly fun found footage horror movies are not in particular order, but each of them is worth watching.

Noroi: The Curse (2005)

This is great; just invest some time and patience. A documentary filmmaker is researching and filming a group of paranormal incidents that seem unrelated except by the legend of an ancient demon “kagutaba.” There’s an interesting filmmaker’s twist here; there are no credits at the end of the movie.


Chronicle (2012)

Three high school friends are at a party where they hear a strange noise, find a hole and go underground. There they make a discovery that gives them superpowers. They learn how to control their telekinetic gifts, but one of the friends has trouble controlling on his temper and becomes dangerous. When his sick mother needs medicine and he has no money, his dark side begins to take control. Watch to see if he gets it in check or something terrible happens.


Trollhunter (2010)

After a series of mysterious bear killings in Norway, three university students set out to investigate. They stalk an unknown hunter named Hans and discover he hunts trolls. Hans does his best to leave them behind, but finally agrees for them to film as he hunts the troll killing the bears. They agree to follow his orders. Hans works through a secret government agency which has sent him to find and kill the escaped trolls.


Cloverfield (2008)

Monsters attack New York City and a group of five New Yorkers, who tell the story using handheld video cameras. Previously recorded snippets that are almost completed are on the videos as well. In the beginning, the monster comes to town and destroys a building. When people arrive with their camera to investigate, bits of the Statue of Liberty rain down on their parade. From that point on, the group tries to escape, save a friend and find love in the tragedy. All the elements of a perfect story are here in this movie for your enjoyment.


Europa Report (2013)

A crew of six astronauts goes on a privately funded mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s large moons. They are sent because water has been discovered there, and they are going to see if there are any signs of life to be found. They find evidence but lose two of the crew. The survivors have engine problems and get stranded. Will they make it home?


The Conspiracy (2013)

Now here’s an idea to sink your teeth into. Journalists researching the truth behind conspiracy theories start following a man who is trying to mesh all of them together. That man disappears, and the journalists are trying to figure out what theory may be the reason. You can feel the tension and paranoia build as you watch. In their research, they uncover a dangerous and ancient secret society. But does the man they are searching for survive?


Hollow (2011)

Two young couples on holiday get detoured into something they never planned on. Local legend has haunted an old monastery in a remote Suffolk, England village for centuries. There is a dark spirit there, willing young couples to their deaths. People know to avoid the place, but these four friends decide to explore the folklore and in the process the entire town suffers.


The Bay (2012)

More than 20 cameras are used for this film. In Claridge, Maryland, the people thrive on the water. And then two biological researchers from France find high levels of toxicity in the water. They alert the Mayor, but he keeps it quiet, and later a plague descends. The fair citizens become hosts to parasites that control their minds and then their bodies.  


Evidence (2013)

This is a classic found footage with a slasher film along with a mix of first and third-person viewpoint. Add in police with recording equipment at the scene of mass murder and then you (and they) will get to piece together what happened. Two women decide to take a bus to Vegas and get hi-jacked along the way well off the beaten path. Then the blood bath ensues. Will the women survive and who is responsible?


V/H/S (2012)

Someone hires a group of misfits to burglarize a house to steel a rare VHS tape. On the tape is found footage and a lot more than they imagined in the form of a dead body, an old television and countless videos. You will find each one is stranger than the one before.


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