My fascination with small spaces started when I was a kid. Our house was small, with tiny closets. The hall closet was the space designated for my things only. I loved that little closet and filled it with all my favorite things, really the first space I ever decorated.

A shed is a glorious space to me. I’m really not picky about how finished it appears. I just love the idea of a mini space that can be used for hobbies, relaxing, solitude or storage. Usually it tells a story about the homeowner. A shed feels like that closet used to, a small space just for your things. Sheds can be rustic or orderly; it’s really up to you. I poked around Houzz to see what folks are doing out in their sheds. Take a look, pick up some ideas and let me know what’s in your own backyard shed.

Part 1


Weathered furniture. A shed is a great place for your old chairs and benches. No need for shiny surfaces and stain-resistant fabrics. This is your chance to track in dirt and scratch the furniture.


Gardening tools. Of course, a shed is a natural place for the tools you use for gardening, potting up plants and working on your landscape. Extra pots, shovels and pitchforks are the only accessories you’ll ever need.


Flower harvesting gear. A shed can house all the things necessary to harvest your garden flowers — baskets, shears and footwear for tromping through the dirt.


An environment for drying. Most sheds have dry heat, the perfect environment for preserving flowers and herbs. Cut a few of your favorites and hang them upside down from rafters and hooks for use in arrangements, cooking and potpourri.


 Salvaged plumbing. If you are a vintage buff, a shed is the perfect place for some plumbing fixtures with character, such as salvaged sinks and faucets available from antiques stores, salvage yards and sites such as eBay.


A cozy chair. Why not? Pulling weeds, pruning and planting can be exhausting. Stick a big cozy chair in your garden shed for a spontaneous nap by a sunny window.


The shed uniform. Add hooks on the door for a casual entry and storage place for your garden hat, apron and boots.


Open air. The most important element to a shed in my opinion is the roof: It’s best to stay out of the sun as much as possible. An open-air shed can house most things that a more traditional enclosed shed can.


Bins. Open bins can help you organize your shed stuff in style. Custom cabinets and plumbing are definitely luxurious touches for a shed. Warm wood and rustic finishes help keep the look casual here.


A place for pets. Chances are, your pet likes to follow you wherever you go. Include a space for your pooch or cat when you head outdoors for some shed time. When your pet is comfortable, you are more likely to get the peace and quiet you crave.


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