Japan is an island nation located in East Asia. It lies along the Pacific Ocean to the east of China, North Korea, Russia and South Korea, stretching all the way from the Sea of Okhotsk to the East China Sea. Thousands of tourists throng the country every year to experience the rich Japanese culture and savor the beautiful scenery. From its “maid cafes” to Tokyo’s unique fashion lines, you will be amazed by this small country. Maybe with knowing 60 facts about Japan below, you can say you have prepared well to begin your journey to Japan.

60 Interesting Facts About Japan

  1. Japan has been inhabited since 30,000 BC 

  2. Japan is the 10th most populous country in the world with a population of over 127 million people.

  3. Japan has over 100 active volcanoes with over 70% of the country being mountainous. 

  4. Melons are very expensive in Japan. One can go for up to $400.

  5. 85% of the coffee produced in Jamaica is exported to Japan.

  6. One of the most interesting facts about Japan is that it has one of the highest literacy levels in the world with 99% literacy in children over 15 years old.

  7. When you slurp your noodles loudly in Japan, it is considered a sign that you are enjoying the meal.

  8. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, handles over 2000 tonnes of fish daily, making it the world’s largest fish market. 

  9. The Japanese tradition of shaving their heads was a sign of penance for violating rules and breaching honor.

  10. The raised floors in Japanese buildings help indicate where you should take off your shoes.

  11. The term "Geisha" means "person of the arts". What many people do not know is that the first Geisha were men. 

  12. The life expectancy of the Japanese is 84 years. This is 4 years more than that of the United States.

  13. There is a popular Japanese dish called Basashi that consists of slices of raw horse meat with onions and ginger.

  14. Japan experiences about 1500 earthquakes per year.

  15. Contrary to popular belief, whale meat is not considered a delicacy in Japan. However, whales are hunted for research. 

  16. Due to excessive inbreeding, dogs in Japan have one of the highest defect rates. 

  17. Japan has produced a total of 19 Nobel Prize winners since 1949.

  18. Japan has a whooping 6800 islands.

  19. Japan is the largest producer of animated TV shows with up to 60% of the market share in the world.

  20. In Japan, you will find vending machines that dispense beer.

  21. Toyota, a Japanese company, is the 3rd largest automobile producer in the world. 

  22. Star Wars IV: A New Hope was based on Japanese movie called The Hidden Fortress.

  23. Karaoke is a Japanese word for "empty orchestra."

  24. Baseball is a popular sport in Japan.

  25. One of the sad facts about Japan is that it has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

  26. Japanese families often use the same water for bathing.

  27. Many Japanese streets do not have names.

  28. In Japan, 98% of adoptions are male adults.

  29. Over 50,000 people in Japan are more than 100 years old.

  30. Late night dancing is prohibited by law in Japan.

  31. Japan boasts the world’s oldest company which operated from 578AD to 2006.

  32. In Japan, there are only 2 gun related homicides per year.

  33. There are square watermelons in Japan.

  34. The population of pets in Japan is larger than that of children.

  35. One of the strangest facts about Japan is that there are more adult diaper sales than those of children diapers.

  36. There is a highway that goes through a building in Japan.

  37. More paper is used for printing comics than for toilet paper in Japan.

  38. The Japanese believe that black cats bring good luck.

  39. Most meals include rice in Japan.

  40. In Japan, there are about 130 voice acting schools. This is due to the success of the anime industry. 

  41. The population in Japan has very few immigrants with the Japanese making up 98% of the population.

  42. The unemployment rate in Japan stand at only 4%.

  43. The Japanese have a tradition of going to KFC during Christmas.

  44. It is considered rude to say “no” to someone directly in Japan.

  45. Tearing off a gift wrapping is considered impolite in Japan.

  46. Snowmen in Japan are made with only two large snowballs.

  47. In Japan, many people carry around a towel to wipe off their sweat.

  48. Most Japanese homes have extra pairs of shoes for guests.

  49. It is considered rude to walk while you are eating in Japan.

  50. Bus drivers in Japan usually turn off their vehicles at red lights to reduce pollution.

  51. Japanese train stations usually hire staff workers to shove passengers into the trains as they are usually very crowded.

  52. Should you fall sick while in Japan, you should wear a mask to prevent spreading the disease.

  53. Squid is the most popular pizza topping.

  54. You can actually get fresh human breast milk at lactation bars. You can have a shot or get it straight from the nipple.

  55. Police in Japan usually carry around paint balls to shoot at fleeing motorists. This allows them to identify them more easily.

  56. One of the interesting facts about Japan is that there is a sacred shrine that is rebuilt after every 20 years.

  57. One of the interesting Japanese culture facts is that crooked teeth are considered attractive. This belief is so deep seated that girls usually go to the dentist to have their teeth un-straightened. 

  58. There is a competition for the “fastest shirt ironer” by Japanese men that takes place every year.

  59. There is a traditional suicide spot in the Aokigahara forest at Mount Fuji’s base.

  60. The world’s shortest escalator is found in Japan. It only has 5 steps.

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