Facebook can be great for staying connected with all sorts of people, but there are some people who actually detract from your Facebook experience. Find out who you really ought to drop from your friend list.

Part 1


Political Firebrand

This individual forgets that not everyone believes in the same political ideology and clogs your feed with frequent rants about hot topics, likely making you angry. No, for the last time, I will not vote for that candidate. Stop asking.

Religious Superhero

This person overloads your feed with constant Bible quotes with the hopes of converting you. They convert you alright; from Facebook friend to deleted friend.

"Ignore All Messages From You" Friend

Give them what they want, a nice big deletion.

"I Got So Drunk Last Night" Guy

Unless you enjoy living vicariously through a wannabe frat boy, this type of Facebooker is best reserved for a nice unfriend, Bro.

The Motivational Poster

You all know who I am talking about. All day they post photos of people climbing mountains with Gandhi quotes plastered on some part of the picture. Push this motivational speaker right off of your proverbial Facebook mountain.


The Invitation Machine

They send you so many invitations to their folk band's shows, which of course you do not want to go to. Cut the cord.

The Eternal Commenter

For whatever reason this individual thinks they need to give their opinion on every post you make. Give them your opinion: unfriend them.

The Dude Who Likes Everything

Everything you post they give a "like" to. This has to stop ASAP.

Endless Promoter

They flood your feed with everything from their music to their newest pyramid scheme. It's time to go.

Oversharer (of news articles)

Sharing news is one thing as there is nothing wrong with keeping people informed. However, if a Facebook friend is making your feed look like Reddit on steroids it is time to unfriend.


Oversharer (about their life)

If "T.M.I." is the first thing always comes to mind when somebody posts a status, feel free to delete them from your friends list.

The "Poet"

I get a little sick and tired of poorly written poetry from people still living in their emo past from high school. I'm sure you do too.

Meme Connoisseur

Posting memes all day that are really old is grounds for the banhammer. Keep calm and delete these people.

The "Woe Is Me" Poster

When everything in this person's social media life seems like a Shakespearean drama, it is time to get their whiny nuisance of a profile out of your Facebook.

Tagger To The Max

If I'm not in all the photos you tag me in, you are getting a big fat delete. Cheers.


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