Consider the following narrative: This question may seem a bit creepy to ask to some, but I've been thinking of downloading photos of my ex from his Facebook profile because I miss him a lot. Please don't judge me for that, but I'm wondering: do people know if you download Facebook photos? Not only that, but can you tell if someone saved pics from Facebook like I'm wanting to do? Or, does Facebook tell you if someone downloaded your photo?

Do People Know If You Download Facebook Photos?

First and foremost, the answer to the above question is NO, they do not know nor will they receive a notification when you download photos from another's Facebook profile.

Notifications on Facebook work according to each individuals' security settings, but there is no setting for notifications about downloading photos, just notifications for when one is tagged in photos, or when a photo is shared by another, or uploaded. For those whom are concerned about privacy, you will want to review your Facebook privacy settings in depth as there are many options that can make your photos public. If you do not wish for anyone but close friends to see your photos, then you will want to change your settings so that each time you share a photo only your friends can see them – standard privacy setting on Facebook allows anyone who can search for your profile to see pretty much anything you post on your Facebook.

The second part to the above question is: “can you tell if someone saved pics on Facebook?” When someone saves a picture from Facebook, they start by right clicking on the image and then saving the document to their own computer. If you use the download icon on Facebook, it is probably being tracked, but by using the right click feature, there is no way for Facebook to track who has saved the image. In the event that you are still somewhat paranoid about whether or not Facebook will notify them, you can take a screen capture of the image by viewing it full screen and then hitting ALT+PRTSC before saving it to your computer. You will then need to crop the image back down to size, but there will be no way for Facebook to tell you if a photo has been downloaded in this way.

When asked: “Does Facebook tell you if someone downloaded your photo?” others may tell you that it does and even show you faked images as proof. However, as we have already discussed, certain methods of saving an image to your own computer leave no way for Facebook to track if the image has or has not been downloaded, thus giving Facebook no way to send a notification to the person who originally posted the photo.

8 Cool Things You Can Do on Facebook


Post a Link to One's Own Profile

In order to mess with your friends a little, you can post a status update that says something along the lines of “Look at these boring updates” or “This is my all-time best friend” along with a link to their own Facebook profile page. You will need to use the following link:

– just be sure to not allow the link preview option when posting!


Who Defriended You

If you just want updates of future deletions, you can use the website and attach your Facebook account. To see past deletions, go to your Facebook timeline. Do not click on the Friends box, but instead go to the beginning of the year and click on a box in the bottom right that should have a +4 for however many friends you added that year and view them. If any of those you added that year now have an “add friend” box by their names, then they unfriended you.


Create Group Albums

It's amazing how simple it is to create a group album. Proceed as though you are creating an album like normal, once created you can go back and click on the button that says “Make Shared Album” and then add the names of those you wish to allow to contribute to this shared album.


Create a Blank Status

Whenever the need strikes to create a blank status update, simply copy and paste the following for as many lines as you would like to have: @[0:0: ]. For some, this may result in a question mark in a black diamond, but for most users it will work and leave your friends wondering: how did they do that?


Friend a Friend's Grandma

When you tire of adding your own relatives, you can begin adding the relatives of your friends. Although this may follow more along the lines of creepy rather than cool, it is simple to do for any of your friends that list all of their family in the "about me" section of their profile. Simply go through this section and friend any of their family you would like to.


Comment on Other's Past "Life Events"

You can comment on other's life events as they appear, or you can go back in their timeline and add a comment to an event several years past, even if you weren't involved. Facebook makes this easy to accomplish with the timeline feature, especially as your friends add past life events and they begin to appear on your own news feed.


Comment on Decades Old Photos

When you first become friends with someone on Facebook, it is a habit to go through the past history, especially their photos. Before you know it, you've ended up liking a photo from several years ago, even as many as ten years ago or more. Rather than like the photo, you might as well comment on the photo and show that you were genuinely interested in what was going on – thus the reason you like the photo in the first place!


Become a Part of Another's Engagement Photo

Maybe you want more notifications, or may you just want to indicate that you were a part of the special moment, either way it's easy to tag yourself in other's photos, even if you aren't actually in them. Simply go to the picture, click on "tag this picture" and put yourself in there and enjoy all of those notifications!


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