According to the San Francisco Gate, the two most popular ways of hanging a window scarf are draping a single scarf across a curtain rod while letting the center loosely hang down or using multiple scarves to create a layered effect or loops. Another decorative option includes braiding the scarves and then hanging them loosely around the window.

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The San Francisco Gate also suggests hanging the scarves asymmetrically for a less planned aesthetic appeal, while hanging scarves symmetrically coveys a more balanced style. Using different color scarves and hardware is also a way to make a window treatment more creative. Hooks and rings can be used to hold the scarves and allows the scarves to be adjusted or changed as needed. suggests draping scarves on window hardware to create a valance over an existing window treatment. This decorative technique adds texture and luxury to a room. Another stylish technique involves folding the scarves accordion-style before hanging them to create dimension; when implementing this technique, advises to be sure that the folds are of equal length. Complementing colors and fabrics can be used to customize a window treatment. Sheer scarves can be layered over blinds or other curtains, while using opaque scarves offers more privacy.


Materials needed:

  • Fabric

  • Safety pins

  • Thumb tacks

  • Tape measure

  • Ladder

Here's what to do:

  • Buy the fabric of your choice. The fabric should be twice as long as the area you wish to cover.

  • Lay the fabric out on a flat area.

  • Cut it to the desired length.

  • Fold the fabric accordion-style lengthwise. You can make the folds any size you wish. Secure the folds with safety pins.

  • Install two brackets on either side of the window and lay a pole across them.

  • Pin the fabric in place, using thumb tacks. The thumb tacks should be placed next to the brackets that will support the scarf [source: window-treatments-made-easy].

  • Drape the fabric over the pole and remove the safety pins.

  • Remove the thumb tacks from the fabric and even out the ends. Pull down the center of the scarf a bit at the top of the window.


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