You can try so many different positions while having sex with your partner, but some of these positions will obviously feel more pleasurable. It all comes down to how much your body responds to different types of stimulation. Quite interestingly, some women find deep penetration quite enjoyable. While they do like clitoral stimulation, they find sex even interesting and exciting when it involves cervical stimulation. What is the reason behind this? Shouldn't this be more painful for women? Well, you need to keep reading to learn what makes deep penetration an exciting option.

Why Some Women Enjoy Deep Penetration More?

It's obvious for men to ask that why women like deep penetration more when most of the nerve endings in their genital region are on the outside, close to the clitoris and labia. It is actually true in fact; a recent study found that about two-thirds of women noticed that a longer penis made no difference or actually made it difficult for them to reach an orgasm. In the same study, however, it was stated that about one-third of the women actually preferred deeper penetration.

Some women might prefer deeper penetration because they would cause cervical stimulation, which is, for many women, is an important pleasure source and some studies actually confirm it by stating that cervix stimulation lights up the genital sensory cortex in your brain. The same region in the brain activates when the clitoris, vagina or nipples are stimulated.

It is worth pointing out that different women will have a different source of sexual pleasure. Some will enjoy stimulation of the G-spot, while others will like clitoral stimulation. Some will respond more to breasts and nipples stimulation, while others will prefer deep penetration that stimulates the cervix. Not sure if you will enjoy deep penetration or not? There's only one way to find – try it with your partner today. The following sex positions for deep penetration will help a lot.

Interesting Positions to Enjoy Deep Penetration

Irrespective of the size of your partner's penis, there are certain positions that will help him penetrate deeper. Here are some interesting sex positions for deep penetration you should definitely try.

Modified Missionary

For deep sex, you can make subtle changes to the regular missionary position. With you lying on the edge of your bed, let your partner enter you while standing. You can then lift your legs and put on his shoulders with your hips tilted upwards. This makes it easier for your partner to penetrate deep enough to stimulate your cervix and give you an intense uterine and vaginal orgasm.

On the Lap

It's an extremely intimate deep sex position that leads to pleasurable sex. Make your partner sit on the edge of a chair or bed and sit on his lap with your face towards him. You will then have to insert his penis into your vagina and experience deep penetration.

One Leg on Shoulder

While this sex position demands some flexibility, you will definitely enjoy great sex as a result. Stand face-to-face with your partner and place one of your leg on his shoulder. Make your partner wrap his hands around your waist and slowly penetrate his penis into your vagina. Since both of you can move, it's relatively easier to experience a deeper penetration.

The Anvil

Again, it's a variation of the missionary, but it is a rather advanced sex position suitable for deep penetration. You need to ensure that your leg is on your partner's shoulder while he's penetrating his penis into your vagina. It allows for a deeper penetration and makes it easier for your partner to hit the elusive G-spot. Your partner's pubic bone will stimulate your clitoris in the process, which will help you reach an intense orgasm.

Doggy Style

Oh, yes, it's one of the simplest yet effective sex positions to experience deep penetration. You will have to let your partner enter your vagina from behind. You can either be on your knees or lie face down with a pillow under your belly for more fun.


It's time to make it exciting even if that means to get out of your bedroom. You will have to lie on the edge of a table anywhere in your home. Your partner will position him in between your feet and raise your hips with his hands or use a pillow for support. Now, put your legs on his shoulder, getting in a position to make it easy for him to penetrate. The position will allow him to penetrate deep inside your vagina for delightful vaginal stimulation.

Get Off, Stand Up

If you haven't tried something like this already, you should now. Your partner will have to hold you against the wall or in the air while penetrating you. It is quite amazing to notice how this position heightens the sexual experience. You two will be in a full embrace, which strengthens the emotional connection and at the same time, allows for deeper penetration.


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