Hollywood is a strange, strange place. It’s where dreams go to be lived out, or where they go to die. It’s where a lot of good-natured people go to get tons of plastic surgery and change completely. It’s also one of the most secretive places in America. Many celebrities led some pretty strange lives before they made it big, and some were complete losers before shaping up and turning right. Some, however, are still strange and have secrets to hide.

Dark Secrets of Hollywood

Dark secrets roam the streets like a stray cat prowling the night, but here in Hollywood, they light up every red carpet, exposing the celebrities as real humans.

Tim Allen & His Bad Habits

When it comes to Hollywood, you probably aren’t surprised that a lot of its dark secrets have something to do with drugs. Stars also had lives before they were famous, and did a lot of stupid things in the past. Can you picture Mr. Home Improvement with a bad cocaine habit not unlike Al Pacino? Probably not. He’s on family sitcoms and family movies, and was even Santa Claus! But, Tim Allen has a shady past as he was arrested for smuggling cocaine in the 70’s.


Megan Fox Doesn’t Flush

Want to know one of the more disgusting dark secrets of Hollywood? Megan Fox apparently doesn’t flush the toilet, even at her friend’s homes. She admits this herself and also admits that her clothes strewn all over the place. Which isn’t too surprising, the prettier the girl, the dirtier she is…and not in the good kind of way. Luckily, she’s rich enough to afford a maid, and you can only hope that she pays the said maid a hefty wage just to clean up after her 24/7.


Kardashian Sweat Shops

A lot of the clothes you buy today are still made in sweat shops. Why? Because it’s insanely cheap to get them sewn up and processed by children working 12 or more hours a day. You probably never think about where your clothes come from, or that a lot of them are from sweat shops, and who could blame you? You shouldn’t have to think about the ethical side of clothing because sweat shops should not still be a thing. However, it’s rumored that the Kardashians still run a lot of their clothing out of sweat shops, turning to get them manufactured on the cheap instead of running the ethical train and paying workers a proper wage.


Racist Mark Wahlberg

This is one of those dark secrets of Hollywood we bet you didn’t know. Apparently, Marky Mark used to be quite the racist back in his day. He served time in jail for attacking a Vietnamese man with a stick at age 16, and ran into another Vietnamese man and blinded him in one eye. And, he was also sued at the young age of 14 for yelling racial slurs and throwing rocks at three black children. These aren’t just a few slurs here and there when he was young and stupid. When everyone was young and stupid, these are violent crimes. It seems like he’s, finally, come to his senses – at least as far as the tabloids know. But he was definitely not throwing out Good Vibrations when he was young.


Leighton Meester Born in Jail

Leighton Meester has quite a backstory. Before she was Queen B and ruling the Upper East Side, she was born in jail. That’s right, jail. This smoking hot lady was born into the first part of her mother’s sentence (who, by the way, was arrested for being part of a drug ring), but continued climbing ever since. This may be one of those dirty, dark secrets in Hollywood, but if you ever needed a light of encouragement to keep working towards your goals in life, you only have to look towards Leighton, born in jail but still becoming quite a star.


Jack Nicholson’s Sister…Mom?

This is definitely one of the dark secrets of Hollywood that will make you wow. When Jack Nicholson’s movie Chinatown was opening in theaters in 1974, Time Magazine contacted and wanted to do a cover story on him. One worker from Time Magazine asked a question, whether his sister June Nicholson is his mother in actual.

This first came as a joke. But Jack Nicholson’s family had a dark history and, finally, it turned out that the woman who he thought was his sister for all these years turned out to be his mother. Yes, his mother. His grandmother had raised him all of his life and he was under the assumption that she was his mother. When he found out the truth, his mother has died in 1963 and his grandmother has died in 1970. Finding out your sister is actually your mother, three decades later, must have been a tough thing to handle.


Ryan Gosling and Waxing

Ryan Gosling is a lot of things: funny, seemingly adorably nice, and crazy sexy. He’s also a bit of a weirdo and loves to get a good wax in. Ryan reportedly gets his back and chest waxed a couple of times a month to keep his rock-hard body as smooth as possible, which isn’t necessarily the weirdest thing…if you’re an Olympic swimmer. He may be a little weird, may love to wax his body, and may be a little vain, but he’s still ridiculously good-looking and you can’t argue with those facts.


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