Criminology is ones of the fastest growing career areas. The employment outlook is excellent for criminal justice jobs and the future shows no signs of criminology employment prospects weakening. For those desiring employment in the criminology field, the following information provides potential jobs as well as the highest paying criminology jobs.

What Criminology Jobs Can a Criminology Graduate Take?

If you are a criminology student or graduate looking for work to either help pay for school or begin your criminology career, the following criminology jobs might be of interest to you.

Criminology career in industries

There are many different criminology careers, spanning several industries in the private sector. Criminology graduates can obtain criminology careers in any of the following areas: corrections system, counseling, criminal investigation, diversion programming, financial fraud investigation/prevention, forensics, insurance fraud investigation/prevention, judicial system/courts, law enforcement, medical investigation, rehabilitation, research in policy studies, private investigation, , special agencies, teaching, and youth programming and counseling.


Criminology career in government

Criminology graduates can also work with government agencies and departments. The following government agencies and departments look to hire criminology graduates: intelligence agencies, public safety agencies, correctional departments, courts, local and national law enforcement departments, emergency preparedness agencies, and national defense agencies.

What Are the Highest Paying Criminology Jobs?



Salary: $129,000

Duties: Most lawyers in the criminology profession work as either prosecutors or defense attorneys. While both often work before a Judge and/or jury, a prosecutor presents their case to convict defendants while a defense attorney defends the defendant from conviction. In order to practice law, a lawyer must earn a law degree from law school, then pass the bar exam of the jurisdiction where they intend to practice law in. Private firms usually offer the highest paying defense attorney jobs.


Judges and Magistrates

Salary: $103,990

Duties: Judges and Magistrates preside over trials and court hearings in order to make sure due process and rules of evidence are followed. Judges and Magistrates also sentence defendants and determine if probable cause exists to issue search or arrest warrants or hold prisoners. Although being an attorney is not usually required to become a Judge or Magistrate, most are former practicing attorneys who have been either appointed or elected to their position.



Salary: $73,450

Duties: Criminologists can work in a wide variety of areas, including, universities, and government. Police departments and government agencies often criminologists in order to the most effective methods of preventing crime since criminologists study the causes, effects, and consequences of criminal behavior.


Immigrations and Customs Inspectors

Salary: $65,860

Duties: Customs inspectors and immigration officers are government employees who enforce the laws regarding entry of individuals and items into the country. Often working in government immigration and border protection agencies, immigration and customs inspectors have the important job of keeping dangerous people, drugs and weapons from entering the country.


Police Identification and Records Officers

Salary: $65,860

Duties: These highly-trained officers work to collect evidence from crime scenes, identify the evidence properly, and sometimes help analyze the evidence. They work with police detectives and forensic specialists to put together the picture of what happened.


Police Detectives and Investigators

Salary: $65,860

Duties: More serious or complicated crimes often require the expertise of police detectives, who usually work with other law enforcement officers. Detectives usually start out as police officers and then transfer (often by promotion) into the investigation or detective department or division. Although subject to work at any time during the day, most detectives work normal business hours.


Forensic Science Technicians

Salary: $55,070

Duties: These technicians can be found collecting and analyzing evidence at a crime scene or exploring that evidence in a laboratory setting. They assist law enforcement by helping to figure out what happened at the crime scene. Forensic science technicians might specialize in certain areas, such as ballistics or blood patterns.


Patrol Officers

Salary: $55,180

Duties: Police officers and sheriffs’ are directly involved in handling crime or preventing crime from happening. Patrol officers can be often found patrolling their neighborhoods and communities, responding to requests for assistance as needed. Typical work for a patrol officer is varied and can include anything from traffic stops to crime investigations.


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