Do you want to try something new? Are your bored of the routine videos and pictures? It is time to give your nerve a chill. Watch some best creepy YouTube videos and spice up some adventure to your night. To get the real fear factor at midnight, check out our list of top 8 creepy YouTube videos.

8 Creepy YouTube Videos for Hardcore Viewers


The Swedish Rhapsody

This video clip is the freakiest video that you would have ever seen. The clipping is about the broadcast of number stations, they receive the shortwave radio signals which broadcast the encrypted messages all over the globe in the form of some creepy music. What is the aim of this station? The messages will not get tracked from this secure system. This night mare track is really scary as the distorted ice cream music track and the voice of a German speaking as a little girl keeps repeating over and over again.


Don’t Move

This is an award winning short film video about demon that has created sensational effect among the audience. It is a well-known fact that Ouija board can prove to be dangerous to play with. That is the exact thing this film is talking about: a group of British twentysomethings has been called up to the underworld through a means of old cardboard. The one who answers is a creep ghost demon covered under shadow. You really need to watch this by yourself to find out what the end is. Freaking creepy, but you will like it!


Girl Ghost

Girls won’t be cute and lovely any more if you watch this creep YouTube video. This could be a cliche and an overused horror villain—a girl ghost who’s got hair all covering her face and make people scared. But this grainy video adds indecipherable accents into this same old platitude and you will for sure have a new thrilling experience.


Dining Room or There Is Nothing

This is a one minute film made by artist and film maker David B. Earle. This creep YouTube video gave a challenge to other ace directors since the video was actually intended to be screened for loop infinitely and this one minute film will even haunt the viewers. Look out for the various loops that you should watch without closing them reflexively. There is no start or end in it and this piece of work was actually inspired from paradoxical desire that there isn’t any other side of life.


Body of a Pig

This one minute video film is creating huge audience traffic. Have you ever bumped into the malevolent demon ever? If not, don’t worry, you can do so by watching this creepy YouTube video. You will not believe that this ghost may live inside a farm pig body. You can see them in the video below and the blood creepy thing will make you shake and chill down for quite a long while.


Genocide School

This is a three-minute video and uploaded on YouTube by Jared Lee Loughner. This video shows the angry and disturbed Jared Lee Loughner strolling in the campus with camera, and he is here to examine the torture that students are experiencing, well, at least from his point of view. However, this video later has been taken down from YouTube since some news organizations, like “the Wall Street Journal”, accuse Loughner taking this video illegally. And later he has been expelled from his college because of this video and all about it. This made him a madman and he shot like 20 people to death or badly wounded.


Pretty Woman

This video clipping of love and loneliness made by Edward Muscare is a three-minute film, which creeps from every single angle. The withered old man manages to go cheesy, things aren’t so easy and simple as the man Edward Muscare is a sex offender in this. In this condition he used the internet to spread viral video and the police took note of it and hauled him back to court. You can’t believe that all smiles are real and innocent after you watch this video.


Crooked Rot

This super creepy YouTube video by David Firth is an experiment, aiming at stopping motion photography. This video is mixed by mannequins, pig heads, scratchy footage and rubber hands. What a spine-tingling mess! But don’t judge it this way too soon, because if you see it with your own eyes, there’s a big chance that you will fall for it. Don’t believe? Check it out then.


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