Many locations throughout the world were once vibrant and bustling, only to soon become abandoned for one reason or another. From abandoned hospitals to abandoned theme parks, some of the creepy places are in the following list. Continue reading at your own risk as some of these locations can be truly terrifying.


Anderlecht Veterinary School

When renovation crews are afraid to even go near a location, you know it must make its way to the top of the list of creepy places. Most veterinary hospitals consist of helping animals become well, but this one contains crumbling halls full of bottles that are filled with unknown questionable liquids, animal heads, brains, and other aptly named “Horror Labs.” They have even discovered some animal parts which were sewn together, making this abandoned location seem like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.


Beelitz Helistatten Military Hospital

This hospital began to accommodate an outbreak of tuberculosis in the 1800’s and was further expanded during the next decades. It was also used as a military hospital under the control of the Soviet Union during the World Wars, until the Soviet Union ceased in the early 1990’s. Ever since, the building has stood empty despite multiple attempts to restore or demolish the building. Due to its level of creepiness, many urban explorers have come to roam its hallways, and it was even used as a set in the film “The Pianist” as well as for a Rammstein music video.


Danvers State Insane Asylum

Located in Massachusetts, this building became well-known during the 1920’s and 1930’s for its rumors. Many believe the asylum used shock therapy, drugs and even frontal lobotomies. Some even believe that frontal lobotomies made their debut in this building. In 1992, the building was officially closed and has since fallen into a state of disrepair, which allowed it to become the perfect set for the film “Session 9” in 2001. Additionally, it is believed spirits are protecting this area after several apartment buildings went up in flames a year after a few sections of the asylum had been demolished.


An Abandoned House in Virginia

Families come and go throughout homes and sometimes in the interim between one family leaving and another moving in, the house is left completely empty for a while. And just this “while” seems to be the perfect opportunity for squatters to find a warm place to stay at night, or completely destroy a home by stealing what few valuables are left. On the other hand, as seen in this creepy abandoned house in Virginia, the home is left in a state of disarray that will prevent it from ever being sold again. Fortunately, the red you see in the picture below is paint, not blood, but the eye above the pentagram would prevent many from taking step into this home.


Belgium Car Graveyard

At the end of World War II, many United States soldiers who had purchased vehicles for use during their time in Europe were unable to ship these vehicles back to America. Rather than enter them back into the market to be sold, these cars were left in graveyards to stay, or possibly be retrieved at a later time. Nonetheless, these car graveyards constitute have been left as the creepy places that none have tried to salvage for fear of what may happen.


Russian Diamond Mine in Eastern Siberia

When Stalin wanted to fulfill the Soviet Union’s quota for diamonds, he commissioned this hole to be dug. It is the second largest man-made hole in the world and was only abandoned after being dug too deep and becoming much too difficult for the mine workers. It and the surrounding area now appear a barren wasteland after having once been a booming area full of diamonds and riches. The base of the hole is actually quite large, but there is no barrier, only increasing the terrors of this creepy place.


Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso, Italy

This statue was built by Guido Galletti before submerged into 55 feet deep water in 1954. The idea was for the statue to be placed underwater, but after much corrosion and crustacean growth, the statue was removed and restored in 2003 before being replaced on July 17, 2004. Although this mold of a Christ statue is seen in multiple places across the world both above and below water, the haunting images of a statue underwater earn it a place on the list of creepy places.


The Ultimate New Yorker Summer Estate Fixer Upper

First built in 1894, the Carleton Villa was an excellent place for entertaining and living during the New York summers. However, a month before Wycoff (whom the house was built for) moved in, his wife died of a heart attack. The night he moved in, Wycoff himself suffered a heart attack in his sleep and passed away. Their youngest son inherited the villa, but soon lost his family’s fortune during “The Great Depression.” The house was once salvaged by General Electric until World War II began and the property was completely abandoned and still stands in disrepair now.


Deserted Belgium Estate

Appeared to have been abandoned at some point in the early 1990’s, it is unknown why this mansion has not been renovated, looted or sold, considering that it is still in decent condition and many personal effects were left. Obviously, the inhabitants had to leave in haste due to the number of items left within the home, but urban explorers have largely stayed away from this home instead of exploring it further. So, you can tell there’s no rumor about this estate being one of the creepy places around the world.


German Doctor’s Abandoned Estate

A doctor enjoys his tools, but this doctor seemed to have many strange sets of tools roaming all throughout his house. The estate was abandoned at least two decades ago, and is badly dilapidated despite many pieces of excellent fixtures and furniture. Additionally, many personal effects were left, but the worst part about this creepy place is the physician’s room, which is complete with all necessary examination equipment.


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