Rumours are the past way to attract people, but do you want to show the public about the latest rumours that just give something fake on the internet and you can see thousands of people following you for this aspect. There are many conspiracy theory websites which are being visited by millions of people online and stated below are some of the most popular conspiracy theory sites for your curiosity.

Top 8 Conspiracy Theory Websites



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The number 1 in our list of conspiracy theory websites, is the most popular and largest website which is dedicated completely to the field of conspiracy in diverse fields. Over here the board can exchange their ideas and have debate on various topics like politic, military and conspiracy. With more than 303,595 members, this conspiracy theory based website is surely breaking all its competitors by providing new speculation, theories and keeping you updated with plenty of daily posts. The website runs on the motto "deny ignorance"; these two words keep the conspiracies highly speculative and demanding by the readers and visitors.



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This website is prefunded and designed by Alex Jones and he is an internationally talented person who has the power to give something new about conspiracy to the viewers everyday. He started this website even though he has launched in career in a television show. This website gives you the fullest information of various conspiracy theories that are liberated and constitutionalist. This website works on motto “because there is a war on for your mind”. The writers are encouraged to write on various conspiracy theories over here. This site has got global attention of many people.



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This conspiracy website is for those who want to look into all areas in the world. It means to get all information about the world we live in without filtering anything. You can get all kinds of orignal information here which haven't been changed artificially and you can freely write your opinion without any issues. Even though the truth published here will be hard to digest, it can give a complete idea about the happenings around the globe.



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This is one simple but dynamic site that gives an overall view of many conspiracy based concepts. From this site, you have access to various other links and message board for conspiracy research theories. Once you get registered here, you will get access to write and know more about plenty of other sites that are related to your search on conspiracies. Also, you can get plenty of things discussed and share on the recently updated column from this website.



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The website is designed and inspired by Jeff Rense. Being the proprietor of the website, he has taken the site a long way and has made it one of the top conspiracy theory websites. Over here he is open to writers and bloggers who have plenty of things to say in various fields, even though the main topic starts with the conspiracy theories, including big pharma conspiracy. The site has got tremendous success and is boosting its website traffic by providing the best to viewers and writers.



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Just as its name suggests, this site is giving you something that is more than news, if you want something interesting and unique, then this site is all you need. This site is open for anonymous postings, too, and there are plenty of things which are on conspiracy of various subjects. Over here you can post simply and reply fast. This friendly community website is equipped with plenty of dynamic features. You can follow the thread and rate their posts, too. The list of the conspiracies provided by this website is too dense and high.



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This mad cow news website as the name suggests isn’t going to give you much about the morning so called fresh news, it is the website that is going to give you the most amazing and interesting conspiracy theories. You are likely to know about all the things that are not covered in the headlines or the news channel from this website. This site is the platform for providing plenty of things of diverse aspects. You can learn some mysterious secrets as well from this site. Moreover, it provides relevant and reliable things that go unnoticed normally under the normal eye.



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The truth seeker is a conspiracy theory based website that provides the latest and back-screen concepts. It enlightens the viewers on multitude of things and you can get answers to many of your conspiracy questions, too. There are several links that you can browse to get solution for your queries. Furthermore, you can uncover conspiracy, cover-ups and all about ancient mysteries as well. You get all the mainstream data which is not available in any other media or links.


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