Being a metropolitan, New York City exerts a significant impact on finance, commerce, media, art, fashion, technology, and entertainment. The state of New York is also home to many top colleges in the United States. There is particular strength in the New York State University system and the state houses very good colleges in liberal arts and research. Below are the recommended 10 Colleges in New York that suits different academic needs. 


Cornell University

This distinctive “Ivy League” school was one of the very first universities in America. While it is one of the top universities in the world, they house a diverse student population from all walks of life and social status. There are 3 campuses in the Northeast including Ithaca, NY, New York, NY and Washington, D.C. There are also international programs all over the world.

  • Top majors – Animal Sciences and Agriculture, Hotel Management, Biology, Political Science, Human Development, and Mechanical Engineering.

  • Location – Ithaca, NY

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 21,424

  • Application Fee – $75

  • Average Tuition – $45,358


SUNY Geneseo

This liberal arts college is nestled in the Finger Lakes Region of the state. The college is low-cost and hosts students from New York and out-of-state.

  • Top majors – Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Special Education, Speech Pathology, English, History, and Political Science, Psychology.

  • Location – Geneseo, NY

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 5,644 students

  • Application Fee – $50

  • Average Tuition – In State $7,430; Out-of-State $17,424


Columbia University

Another member of the “Ivy League” and nestled in the urban expanse of upper Manhattan. Columbia University, being one of the best colleges in New York, hosts mostly graduate students with many liberal arts and science programs to choose from.

  • Top majors – Journalism, Public Affairs, Education, Business and Computer Science

  • Location – Manhattan, NY

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 26,957

  • Application Fee–$85

  • Average Tuition - $51,000 per year


Vassar College

Vassar was originally founded as a women’s college, but is currently one of the top co-ed liberal arts colleges in the U.S. There is a strong athletics program and an average class size of 17 students. The College offers B.A. degrees in more than 50 majors, which features a flexible curriculum.

  • Top majors – Art, Biology, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts, Political Science, and English Language and Literature

  • Location – Poughkeepsie, NY

  • Type of College – Private Institution

  • Enrollment – 2,477

  • Application Fee – $70

  • Average Tuition – $47,890


Binghamton University

This is one of New York’s top rated universities. This public university houses a 190 acre nature preserve, liberal arts programs and athletics.

  • Top majors – Business Administration and Management, Science Economics, Biology, Accounting, Political Science, Nursing, English and History

  • Location – Vestal, NY

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 15,308

  • Application Fee – $50

  • Average Tuition – In State $8,144  Out-of-State $19,464


Stony Brook University

This research university is one of the largest schools in the country with a wide variety of degrees offered. The research facility offers highly advanced training in research and medicine, as well as many other degrees.

  • Top Majors – Medical, Research, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Nursing, Psychology, and Biology/Biological Sciences

  • Location – Stony Brook, NY

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 20,000 +

  • Application Fee – $50

  • Average Tuition – In State $5,570  Out-of-State $16,190  Per Semester


Yeshiva University

This private research university has one of the highest acceptance rates in all of New York State accepting 84% of the students that apply. They offer a wide variety of degrees and have a 78% graduation rate at the 6 year mark.

  • Top Majors – Psychology, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration, Hebrew Language Studies, Biology, and Mathematics.

  • Location – Bronx, NY

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 6,563

  • Application Fee – $65

  • Average Tuition – $35,500


The Juilliard School

Established in 1905, The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory. This school was founded as a school of music and now offers liberal arts, music, dance and theater programs. They offer undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts.

  • Top Majors – Music, Dance, Drama, and Liberal Arts

  • Location – New York, NY

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – 853

  • Application Fee – $110

  • Average Tuition – $38,190


Fashion Institute of Technology

This college focuses on fashion and design nestled in downtown New York City. Graduates go on to work in industries such as Fashion Design, Toy Design, Media, Marketing and Interactive Media.

  • Top Majors – Fashion, Visual Arts, Marketing, Communications, and Consumer Services

  • Location – New York, NY

  • Type of College – Public

  • Enrollment – 9,566

  • Application Fee – $50

  • Average Tuition – In State $5,150 per semester  Out-of-State $13,750 per semester


The City College of New York

Originally founded as a college that focused on providing an education to anyone from any socioeconomic background. This college located in the heart of New York City offers a variety of degrees to a diverse student population.

  • Top Majors – Sociology, Engineering, Psychology, English Language and Literature, Communication Studies

  • Location – New York, NY

  • Type of College – Community College

  • Enrollment – 12,629

  • Application Fee – Not known

  • Average Tuition – In State $6,089 per semester; Out-of-State $12599


Other Colleges in New York


  • Fordham University

  • Monroe College


  • Long Island University

  • Polytechnic Institute of New York University


  • CUNY School of Law

  • Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology

Staten Island

  • College of Staten Island

  • Wagner College


  • Hunter College

  • Touro College


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