There are some very good colleges in Florida. Here is a list of best colleges and universities, ranging from small private schools to some of the larger universities and colleges. The number next to the college does not indicate any ranking and includes both private, public and community colleges. 

List of Best Colleges in Florida


Eckerd College

This private college focuses on liberal arts and encourages students to “think outside.” You can earn a Bachelor’s degree or a doctoral degree in any major and it is located on the Florida’s beautiful gulf coast.

  • Top majors – Humanities, Marine Biology, Art, Physics, Geosciences and boasts an actual outdoor learning lab

  • Location – St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Type of College – Private

  • Enrollment – Application, plus $40 application fee, and SAT scores

  • Average Tuition - $38,000 per year


Seminole State College

A public college that offers Bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. They also have job certification to help you enter the workforce.

Top majors – Architectural Engineering (BS Degree Program), Automotive Technology (A.S. Degree Program). They also have a popular list of certifications including childcare provider, pharmacy technician, firefighter, correctional officer and more

Location – Sanford, Florida

Type of College – Public

Enrollment – Apply online or in writing. Submit your school transcripts. Application fees approx. $150

Average Tuition - $4,000 per year


Daytona State College

Daytona State College is actually 3 campuses housing a private college, a community college and an adult education program. They have an onsite culinary academy with a working café selling student made creations.

Top majors – Hospitality, Culinary, Building Degrees, School of Nursing and Healthcare, Computer Science, Cosmetology 

Location – Daytona Beach, Florida

Type of College – Private, Community and Adult Education Certificates

Enrollment – Apply online, in-person or by mail. No application fees except for international students $50

Average Tuition – In-state $3,134; out-of-state $12,421


Florida A&M University

This is a public university focusing on agricultural science and mechanical studies, hence the term “A&M.” During the 1960’s the school became a center for social change and justice and now houses a very diverse population of students.

Top Majors – Agricultural Science and Mechanics

Location – Tallahassee, Florida

Type of College – Public

Enrollment – Apply on paper and pay a $30 Application Fee. Apply online and pay a $35 application fee

Average Tuition – Depending on the degree and if you live in or out-of-state, tuition ranges from $18,000 to $60,000


Florida Keys Community College

This is a very diverse community college that centers around the diversity in education. They strive to help meet your needs in education and integration into the workforce. They offer workplace development and help you meet any continuing education needs for your career.

Top majors – Nursing, Criminal Justice, Marine Sciences, Marine Environmental Technology, and Diving Business & Technology. They offer Associates degrees and certification programs

Location – Key West, Florida

Type of College – Public

Enrollment – Apply by mail with a $30 application fee

Average Tuition – In state $13,697; out-of-state $23,582


University of Miami

This university is centered on the research done at the Miller School of Medicine. Being one of the country’s top medical research facilities, this best college in Florida also has a top rated law school.

Top majors – Research/Science, Law, Psychology, Marine Physics and English

Location – Miami, Florida

Type of College – Private

Enrollment – Submit and application and $70 application fee

Average Tuition – $44,350


St. Petersburg College

This innovative community college offers both Associate and Bachelor’s degrees. They have a very wide variety of study areas and programs and even host online classes for your convenience.

Top majors – General Education, Arts, Veterinary Science, Public Safety, Hospitality

Location – St. Petersburg, Florida

Type of College – Public

Enrollment – Apply online or in writing with a $40 application fee

Average Tuition – In state $3,232 ; out-of-state $11,477 


Pensacola State College

This state college focuses on the needs and success of the students. They strive to keep tuition affordable and offer a variety of degree programs. They have a major focus on the Arts and Performing Arts.

Top majors – Bachelor’s Degree (Arts, Health Science, and Nursing), Associates Degree (Math, English, Biology and Physical Sciences), Vocational Certifications (Cosmetology, Culinary)

Location – Pensacola, Florida

Type of College – Public

Enrollment – Apply online, in writing or in person and pay $30 application fee

Average Tuition – In State $120,89, out-of-state $486,49


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

One of the top notch aviation schools in the state of Florida. You can earn a degree working in aviation support, or earn your license to fly a plane.

Top majors – Aviation Science, Aircraft Maintenance, Full Flight School, Humanities, Mathematics and Physical Science.

Location – Daytona Beach, Florida

Type of College – Private

Enrollment – Application, plus $50 application fee. International students need to check the school website for extra requirements.

Average Tuition – Flight school is $23,000 to $33,000 for years one and two. The third year is $10,000 to $15,000. Non-flight students pay around $31,000 per year not including room and board.


Lynn University

This university focuses on smaller class sizes with a 15:1 student/teacher ratio. They offer opportunities to both U.S. residents and international students in liberal arts, aeronautics, education, business and a music conservatory.

Top majors – Business and Education, Music and Aeronautics

Location – Boca Raton, Florida

Type of College – Private

Average Tuition - $32,800


Tallahassee Community College

Tallahassee Community College offers both Associate degree programs and certificate programs to get you out on the job market and working quickly.

Top majors – Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Computer Technology and Graphic Design. Certifications in Building Construction, Office Administration, Manufacturing and more.

Location – Tallahassee, Florida

Type of College – Public

Average Tuition – In state $100.83 per credit hour, out-of-state $387.27 per credit hour


Other Recommended Colleges in Florida

  • St. John’s River State College

  • North Florida Community College

  • Jacksonville University

  • Florida Institute of Technology

  • Stetson University


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