Here is a list of cities for single women.

Part 1


Number 1: Columbus, Ohio

Called the "coolest city in the Midwest," Columbus also is one of the smartest cities, among the top 10 blogging communities and number one on our list of great cities for single women....

Number of single men: 137,281


Number 2: Boston, Massachusetts

Beantown is known for crazy roads and thick accents -- but did you know many available guys call it home? Rife with early American history, Boston could very easily be where you find the love of your life.... Number of single men: 121,292


Number 3: Seattle, Washington

Don't let the rain get you down -- Seattle is a city of cool tech vibes, love for nature and single men. You'll understand why they filmed "Singles" (1992) here once you've thrived in the coffee culture. Number of single men: 118,412


Number 4: Charlotte, North Carolina

Take your positive can-do attitude with you to Charlotte, where you will find four beautiful seasons, Southern hospitality and plenty of bachelors. The community for the arts is strong, as is the health care industry.... Number of single men: 117,949


Number 5: Memphis, Tennessee

Barbecue, boogie and burning love will only enhance your Memphis experience as you search for your perfect Southern gentleman. Beale Street will become your new favorite place, with countless food and entertainment options.... Number of single men: 113,292


Number 6: Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas can keep on happening when you live there! More than casinos and strip clubs, this city has a lot to offer in terms of various sports, diverse food and single men.... Number of single men: 112,538


Number 7: Fort Worth, Texas

Whether you love men, music or food (or all three), Cowtown's got you covered. You could just as easily find Mr. Right in the "World's Largest Honky Tonk Bar" or the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival.... Number of single men: 112,487


Number 8: Denver, Colorado

Denver has comparable cultural and food scenes to those in other big cities, but they add their own twist with abundant nature, chill vibes and lots of eligible dudes. You'll find this city is full of adventures right in your own backyard!... Number of single men: 112,038


Number 9: Washington, D.C.

The President may be taken, but there are still thousands of men available in our nation's capitol. Here you'll also find plenty of history, tourists and things to do.... Number of single men: 110,455


Number 10: Baltimore, Maryland

There are few cities with as much character (and as many single men) as Baltimore. Their slang, painted screens and HonFest will give you that hometown feel, while the entertainment, education and career options offer big city amenities.... Number of single men: 101,968


Number 11: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you love sports, dairy products and indoor water parks, Milwaukee is the place for you. If you're looking to find a man, it's also a great place for that.... Number of single men: 101,368


Number 12: Portland, Oregon

Coffee, cycling and casual dress are just a smidgen of what makes up this city of hipsters. The numerous creative minds, the abundance of happy hours and the amount of single men will help you fall in love with a guy as well as the city.... Number of single men: 100,460


Number 13: Nashville, Tennessee

Often considered the "Athens of the South," Nashville is known for its live music, great green spaces and available men. You might find your perfect guy at a band performance, one of the many colleges or even Music City Mermaid.... Number of single men: 99,391

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Number 14: Louisville, Kentucky

Just follow the Urban Bourbon Trail and you'll find plenty of eligible bachelors! You and your lucky fella will have a blast in "Looavul" as you bop from Churchill Downs to Louisville Slugger Field to Waverly Sanatorium.... Number of single men: 97,117


Number 15: El Paso, Texas

A low cost of living and high job market aren't all that will draw you to El Paso -- the unique culture, the gorgeous mountain view and the sheer number of single men available make the Sun City the perfect place to call home.... Number of single men: 91,939


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