Those who are accustomed to Internet Explorer may feel troublesome when using Chrome for the first time, for that there is neither Home button nor home page in Chrome by default. The designers of Chrome want to use "new tab" instead of Home button and homepage for the better interface of the software. However, some people don't want to change their habits on using browser. So they need to spend a few seconds to configure the Chrome in order to make the software service better for you. Here is the step by step tutorial on how to add the Home button in Chrome.

Steps - How to Show Home Button in Chrome


Open Google Chrome and move your mouse over the icon "≡" and click on it.


Select "Settings" in the following menu.


In settings, tick off the checkbox before "Show Home button", then the Home button will appear at the left side of the address bar. The default function of the button is to open a new tab. If you want to change the homepage, you need to click on the blue text "Change" under "Show Home button" to change homepage to your favorite website.


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