It’s hard to believe that Barbara Walters is 85 years old but it’s true! Just remember folks.  Not ALL of Hollywood is plastic. Granted many women celebrities have had plenty of work done to keep their glow, but bear in mind they also work extremely hard to look as good as they do at the ages that they are. So in honor of all those women over the age of 50, we salute you ladies.

Part 1


Sophia Loren – 80

She is one of the most iconic women in Hollywood, and at the ripe young age of 80, she’s looks just as amazing as she always has. She’s been a beauty her entire life, and she’s not afraid to embrace her age as it gracefully and naturally happens to her. This, in our opinion, just makes her that much more gorgeous. Most of us only hope to look half this amazing when we reach this age. You simply would not know by looking at Sophia Loren that she is 80-years-old.


Jane Fonda – 77

You don’t get any more gorgeous than Jane Fonda. Perhaps it was all the exercise videos she produced when she was younger, or just those fashionable leotards that helped her stay so fit and gorgeous. Either way, Jane Fonda is one of the most ageless, graceful, elegant and lovely ladies in Hollywood. Even at 77 she is still just as beautiful as she was in her 30s, and we wouldn’t know she’s less than 3 years from 80 unless we knew it.


Raquel Welch – 74

To look like this at the age of 74 is what all women want. Raquel Welch is a stunner, and she always has been. We don’t know her secret – we do suspect she uses Botox – but we do know she’s been rumored to have gone under the knife as recently as this year. However, even if she did have some plastic surgery, she didn’t go overboard. She looks lovely, not too young and not inappropriate for her age. She’s lovely.


Helen Mirren – 69

If there ever was an example of a Hollywood actress that doesn’t need any plastic surgery, it’s Helen Mirren. Does anyone age this well in real life? She’s embraced the change sin her skin and her face. She hasn’t had tucks and trims and fixes to help her look younger – and her eyebrows move! It’s rare in Hollywood for a woman to embrace her wrinkles and her aging face, but when your “aging” face is this gorgeous, who cares?


Diane Sawyer – 69

To be quite frank, we never would have pegged Diane Sawyer as 69. Frankly, we assumed she was in her mid-50s thanks to her ageless beauty. Always a class act and a lovely woman, Sawyer has embraced her age and worked it to her advantage. She clearly has no desire to hold onto her 30s or 40s; she’s embraced the fact that she’s getting older and she looks amazing. We envy her beautiful face at this age, and hope that we can achieve something like it when we reach this milestone.


Susan Sarandon – 68

At 68, she’s one of the most beautiful leading ladies in Hollywood. She’s also a new grandmother, but she doesn’t look like it. She’s not one to go for plastic surgery to help her age, even though some women do this quite well. She’s as natural as you might imagine, and she’s carrying herself quite well. In fact, she credits her active lifestyle for her great body and appearance, and says that you only look as old as you feel.


Cheryl Tiegs – 67

There is only one word we can use to describe Cheryl Tiegs; adorable. She is just as fresh-faced and adorable at 67 as she was any other point in her life. The actress hasn’t seemed to age a day in the past several decades, and that’s an impressive feat in a world such as Hollywood. Her ageless beauty is certainly enviable, and we only hope that one day we look as fresh and young as Tiegs does when we reach this age.


Jaclyn Smith – 67

The fashion designer and former Charlie’s Angel is looking great at 67. The actress has really done an amazing job taking care of herself, and we love that she has kept her dark hair at this age. It’s a classic trait that’s so very Jaclyn Smith of her, and it keeps her looking very young. You could say her vibrant personality and her impressive energy level probably also keeps her young and in shape. When you’re as busy and active as Smith, there isn’t time to age.


Olivia Newton-John– 66

What we love about Olivia Newton-John is the fact that she’s just so beautiful. She has wrinkles, and she has laugh lines. She has aged since her days as Sandy on Grease, but not unwell. In fact, we think she might be the celebrity in her 60s that’s aged better than anyone else in Hollywood. Perhaps her very sweet and open personality is what makes her so gorgeous, but it undeniable that time has been very, very kind to her.


Meryl Streep – 64

She is the perfect example of an actress not afraid to get older, and not afraid to welcome and embrace her age. She doesn’t care to be 30 anymore. She’s said that she prefers to grow older because with it she’s learned to become happier, more content and less tolerant of things and people that bring anything but positive behavior and attitudes into he life. At 64, she appears to have had no work done, and she looks better than ever. She’s always been gorgeous, but we love this Meryl Streep.


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