Gout isn’t the most common ailment, but it is growing in those being diagnosed with it over the past ten years. It’s a form of arthritis resulting from a backup of uric acid within the bloodstream. It then becomes inflamed inside the joints, thus causing conditions such as gout. The illness can be considered “acute”, which is reported as a fairly painful form that only troubles one joint in the body. You have probably witnessed someone suffering from gout in the past with an oversized foot for example that is a perfect example of someone with the acute version.

Gout can also be diagnosed as a “chronic” illness; meaning the patient will have reoccurring episodes of the arthritic condition. The swelling doesn’t discriminate either, affecting a number of celebrities across the globe.

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Henry VIII of England

The King suffered from gout most believe as a result of battling a weight issue most of his life. Although, back in the 1400’s most didn’t realize the importance of diet and exercise!


Jared Leto

The lead singer of the band “30 Seconds to Mars”, and actor in countless major films has reportedly suffered from an epic case of gout. It developed while he was preparing for a movie role where he was required to gain well over fifty pounds.


Laurence Olivier

The British actor battled gout beginning in 1965 while filming a movie; he was 58 at the time and suffered additional gout attacks after the initial episode.


Alec Guinness

The actor played the infamous “Obi-Wan Kenobi” in the Star Wars films. The Jedi Master didn’t have such super strength in real life, as he battled gout often.


Alonzo Mourning

This NBA player of fifteen years was utilizing over the counter pain medications to cope with the soreness that playing professional basketball can bring. After using so much of them over time, he believes it contributed to his current kidney disease condition. He has suffered from gout as another symptom of his kidney ailment.


 Dick Cheney

The former Vice President of the United States has dealt with a slew of medical issues, including a mishap with gout back in 2006.


Queen Victoria

The British Monarch hailed as Queen longer than anyone else since her time, and she was a very busy lady. She had nine children and lived a very full life of 82 years before her passing. Her last few years she suffered from a few medical issues, one of them being gout.


Emmitt Smith

This former Dallas Cowboy professional football player suffered from gout first back in 2010. It began with an attack on his toe, then months later he had a second attack in his finger.


Luciano Pavarotti

The Italian opera singer won many accolades for his unique and powerful voice, but has also had his share of gout issues.


 Jim Belushi

The famous comedian had his first gout episode in 1996, with a few to follow. He reports the condition is common in his family, and has made it a personal goal of his to spread the word with the public. Belushi created a campaign for patient advocacy for gout entitled, “Check Out Your Gout” to help spread awareness.


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