Are you planning to enjoy a trip alone? Then Brazil can be one of your choice, which is a paradise of bachelors. Ready? Here we go through some reasons to persuade you pack your back right now.

Part 1


The Beaches

There is a reason most people think of beaches when they think of Brazil and that’s because there are 1,500 different beaches along Brazil’s massive coastline. Porto de Galinhas is often rated as the best beach in Brazil and it offers everything a single man could want. From plenty places to eat and stay to all the water sports you can fathom all around crystal clear reef pools. This is also the most respected tourist beach in Brazil so you can have all the fun you want without straying too far from the tourist areas.



If you don’t think of beaches when you think of Brazil, you think of Carnival, and why wouldn’t you? It’s only one of the biggest and most extravagant parties on the face of the earth. If you like to party, have a good time, drink till dawn and people meet from all over the world, Carnival is your party. There are three cities to choose from that have huge parades and this is where most of the tourists gather. But if you want a more intimate setting for carnival, many smaller towns put their own parades and festivities together.


The Amazon Rainforest

There are plenty of lodges around the rainforest that offer tours and experiences to see the rainforest up close. It is important to keep in mind that there are plenty of hustlers and tours led by guides with little to no knowledge of the rainforest. Therefore if you are looking to see specific sights in the rainforest or learn about the wildlife you will want to make sure you find a knowledgeable guide that follows good ecotourism practices. Just remember there’s a reason why they call it the rainforest, you will get wet.


New Year’s Eve

While many people may think of New York and London as prime locations to experience the New Year, Brazil should also top that list. Millions of people dressed in white head to Copacabana Beach for a party that goes all through the night. A massive fireworks display occurs at midnight that attracts tourists and locals. You may also see religious ceremonies or cultural rituals done by the locals on the beach. The party, women and music is a one night extravaganza that is worth the trip.


Belo Horizonte

Now we start to get into things you may not be familiar with. If you haven’t heard of Belo Horizonte and you like the bar scene, then you are missing out. Belo Horizonte is the bar capital of Brazil, a title it holds for a very good reason…12,000 bars are available for you to peruse. If you’ve ever dreamed of a never ending bar crawl with plenty of beautiful women and (new) friends then this is the place for you.


Itiquira Falls

If you want to add some adventure and natural beauty to your trip, Itiquira Falls is not to be missed. These falls are the second largest in Brazil and they fall into pristine pools of unpolluted water. You can choose to stay near the base of the waterfall and take a dip in the clear pools or you can venture a two hour hike up the cliff to get a better view. There are plenty of pools and smaller waterfalls along the way, as well as stunning views.


Noiva do Cordeiro

If you are planning on going to Brazil as a single man looking for love, then you may just want to head to Noiva do Cordeiro. This Brazilian town has a large population of single women and few men to speak of. With more than 600 beautiful women and most of them under 35 this is definitely worth a visit. Not only are many of the women looking for love but the hospitality is unparalleled.



Another adventure for the man on the town in Brazil is cascading. Cascading is rappelling through waterfalls and it is arguably the best way to see the waterfalls in Brazil. You can choose from a beginner level of a 45 foot waterfall or go for something taller to really get the heart pounding. Even better is that this is considered low impact on the environment so you can get up close and personal with the gorgeous scenery of Brazil without causing any damage.


Rio Scenarium

If you are looking for the nightlife in Rio then this is the place to go. It is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike and it is the best way to experience the nightlife in Rio. With great music, dancing and an affordable price this should be the first stop of any single man in Brazil. The best part is that it is filled with plenty of singles from Brazil and around the world so you will be able to find some new friends for the rest of your trip.


Tree Canopy Tour

This is something for those adventure seekers and it is a great day trip to take anyone you meet in Rio for a fun time. This tour features 30+ obstacles, three different ziplines and two different levels of difficulty. You will need a bit of upper arm strength and some balance to get through the whole course unassisted but it will be several hours of adrenaline pumping fun that you won’t forget.



Capoeira is a dance like martial art style that is known in Brazil. You can visit one of the Capoeira schools and view a demonstration for free. If you really feel like a challenge you may even find yourself learning the skill yourself and taking on one of the locals.


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