Brain is never mentioned once in the Bible. Do you know that? Because, when the sacred books were written, the humankind has no idea that it has anything to do with the mind or that it was the seat of memory. Even the great Greeks were not aware of it and Aristotle wrote that it’s only business was to cool the blood for the heart. It is only in later years it was discovered that different areas of the brain rule different parts of the body.

Brain - 24/7 worker


Four Areas

The human brain is divided into four main areas. The back of the brain mainly deals with the vision. This is connected through nerves to our eyes to enable us to see the things. The front portion of this is the smaller area and enables to see words. If this portion is damaged, the patient loses the power of reading the printed or written words. The front portion of this is the smaller area and enables to see words. If this portion is damaged, the patient loses the power of reading the printed or written words.


Hearing Centers

There are hearing centers on each side of the head, close behind the ears. This has got two hemispheres. The left controls the right side of the body and the right one controlling the left side of the body.



‘Crown’ the center of the brain, if we call it so, will control the movements of legs, arms, hands mouth and tongue. Each set of the muscles is under the control of this small but very potential part the ‘Brain’.


Front Part

The front part of the Brain indicates the mental status of a person. A person known for his intellectual capability generally will have this part of the brain, well developed.


The Weight of Human Brain

Can anybody guess what might be the weight of this small but potent part of human organ? It will be quite wrong to deduce that the more a person is intelligent, the more will be the weight of his brain. The relationship can never be established between these two parameters with arithmetical calculations. With this you should not imagine that the bigger the brain is the cleverer the person who owns it. The average weight of the human brain is almost 51 ounces. The heaviest brain ever known was that of Oliver Cromwell, which is said to have weighed 90 ounces.

Then what about the weight of the brain of a woman? Will it be lesser or will it weigh more than that of a man? The brain of woman weigh on an average 10 ounces less than those of men, yet many women of course, are more than equal to men in cleverness and intellect.


Making the Best Use of Your Brain

If you want to become a good runner you need to give good exercise to your legs by taking up regular long walk and running. If you want to become strong, you should trouble your muscles with sufficient twists and turns and make them strong. Here, in this context it may be appropriate to recollect the name ‘Sandow’.

Sandow was a weak boy who made up his mind to be strong and by constant exercise made himself the strongest of living men. When at his prime he could easily lift two grown men at arms length above his head.

But, he never could have done all this unless he had had great will power. Will power is a definite thing and the greatest thing in man. The personal human will ranks higher than the mind itself. You can not do anything definite without first using your will.


The Spare Time

But, do not be carried and run away by the idea that you can do anything big just by having a little brain. When we talk about Sandow, we should not forget the long hours he worked hard, and good movements he lost sight of when most boys of his age spent their evening playing. He dedicated all his spare time with a determination to reach high in the ladder and achieved it. It was always his will power, coupled with determination which brought him success.


Good Absorber

In the matter of muscle power there is a limit beyond which each person can not go. however, long or hard, he or she trains, but the human brain does not seem to have any limit, and the more you train it,  the better it works and the more it will absorb.


Defines Clinical Death

This small 'Brain', like a leader controls and regulates the functioning of other organs in   human body. Once the sensory organs stop functioning and heart stops taking breath and nerves unable to circulate the blood , it slowly moves into a state of recluse after 20-40 seconds defining the term 'clinical death'.


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