Long summers, long weekends, long days can often become filled with a sense of boredom. Regardless if we have enough movies, or whether or not the sun is shining, boredom busters are what can help us feel more productive, or at least help a slow day go by significantly faster. Given all kinds of the boredom busters out there, we selected 10 great websites for you to kill some time. See if any can help.

10 Great Website Boredom Busters for Adults



Visit Website: http://www.imdb.com/

The international movie database is perfect for those who either want to research a movie to watch, or try to win an argument about which actors starred in which movie. Additionally, IMDb is an excellent boredom buster by including lists of different films, such as the Top 250. You can also browse movie trailers, add summaries to your favorite movies, or simply create a watch list for the next time you cannot decide on a movie.


College Humor

Visit Website: http://www.collegehumor.com/

Designed for people aged 18-49, this boredom buster website was founded by a few high school friends that wanted to deliver daily comedic content with a variety of videos, articles, jokes and pictures. Essentially, this boredom buster has replaced the “funnies” section of your newspaper and can result in endless hours of laughter for what you will find. Their articles and videos include lists and parodies of popular films, as well as parodies of common situations in our daily live.


Funny or Die

Visit Website: http://www.funnyordie.com/

This is a special one in all these 10 boredom busters. Founded by Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay, this Emmy-winning comedy video website entertains its users with both original uploaded content and user-generated. Many of the clips even feature high-profile actors. The idea behind Funny or Die is that users vote on which videos are funny, allowing them to stay. Videos which do not receive enough votes will “die,” or no longer be active on the site.



Visit Website: http://www.toptenz.net/

If you are a lover of all kinds of lists, then this is the perfect one for you among all the boredom busters, as long as you are okay with just looking through top 10 lists. Each list is fact-checked and unique, and sometimes user-generated allows for more fresh content. Be sure to browse as many lists as possible, so you can search and read to your heart’s content.



Visit Website: http://www.cracked.com/

Having started out as a magazine, cracked.com gained prominence after merging with the popular humor site Pointless Waste of Time. Cracked.com features millions of videos, articles, infographics, and other information that can be interesting but not necessarily important. As such, it is the perfect boredom buster when you want to satiate your curiosity about the world around you, or even about human nature.


New Kids Center

Visit Website: http://www.newkidscenter.com/

If you call New Kids Center a “boredom buster”, well, it could be, just mostly for pregnant women and mothers! Opposite the typical looking for humor and pointless articles trend, this boredom buster is perfect for pregnant women and young children. In fact, it contains information about getting pregnant, pregnancy, caring for a newborn baby, raising toddlers, learning your parenting style and handling family life. It is filled with articles written by doctors to help women understand their children, or help children to understand themselves.



Visit Website: http://www.dogster.com/

You are bored? so can be your dog. This is why we add Dogster into our list of boredom busters. With Dogster, your pooch won't be bored anymore. Allow them to become social by joining with other dog-lovers like yourself. This website not only allows you to register your dog, but it also contains information about raising dogs, various videos, grooming tips, and anything else you bored self may need to learn about your loveable pet.


The Onion

Visit Website: http://www.theonion.com/

Known for its humorous parodies of national news items, The Onion is a great boredom buster for those who wish to get in a good laugh. What’s even more entertaining than reading the articles is sharing these articles on your social media websites and seeing who believes they are true or not. You may be surprised how many are unaware that the Onion is actually a facetious news website, not an accurate one, although many of its articles do contain some truth about human nature and national news events.


Life Hacker

Visit Website: http://lifehacker.com/

This website is one of the boredom busters which helps you to realize everything you may need to hack your life, or make your life easier. Essentially, this website features articles which tell you what you need to make your life the absolute best by giving you advice on how to get things done quicker, what items in your house can be repurposed more efficiently, and even mind hacks.


Homestar Runner

Visit Website: http://www.homestarrunner.com/

This website contains several flash-animated cartoon series which easily mix surreal humor with reference to any well-known items in our culture, such as retro pop, classic television, popular music, or even video games. Although the website originated by following two main characters, the site now features several other characters which enjoy telling this surreal humor stories. This website is for sure to be the perfect boredom buster as you search through its dozen of internet cartoon series.


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