Regardless of time or place, there will always be a lot of people in a certain area who will be following one kind of diet or another to lose weight. You may have heard of some of these diets and you may have tried at least one of them at one point in your life to keep the weight. Some of these diets are hard to follow because it is very hard to keep track of your progress. For a week or two you might even be successful, but after a certain period of time you might find it hard to continue. In this case, you can gain help from weight loss apps that motivate you, help keep track of your progress and coach you. It is just like having a personal trainer in your pocket. You can benefit from the best weight loss apps that have been listed below.

8 Best Weight Loss Apps


Lose it!

Price: Free

Available at: iOS

This app is a very comprehensive application that has a calorie budget for you every single day. The app first takes into account your details, such as your BMI (Body Mass Index), and then makes your decisions based on that. You get the chance to know more about the things you eat and your preferred exercise, which you like to do every single day. There is also a food database in this weight loss app that helps you keep track of calories in food of famous restaurants. Once you start using the app, you can add some foods to your favorites, which will speed up the process of adding items to your calorie budget.


The Eatery

Price: Free

Available at: Android and iOS

The Eatery is a weight loss app that tracks the meals that you consume every single day. What's more, in The Eatery, other users have an access to your meals. In this way, they can rate just how healthy the food you consume is, and you can benefit from an objective and helpful view to determine whether you want to change your diet or not.



Price: $1.99

Available at: iOS

This is another weight loss app that helps you keep track of your dieting progress. It is very user-friendly and can be used by people of all age groups. You need to enter your weight at the home page and then you will receive your BMI, after which your weight loss progress will be mapped out on a graph. This is displayed on a car graph (turning your iPhone anti clockwise) and in a line graph (turning your iPhone clockwise). You can also protect the app using a password.


Food Scanner

Price: $4.99

Available at: iOS

Just as the name suggests, food scanner can scan barcodes, so that you can easily add food to your journal. The items you add in the app will be automatically categorized into the meals that you can make them into. This app tells you how to split your food into meals and how to consume them in order to maintain or lose weight.


Weight Watchers Mobile

Price: Free

Available at: iOS

This app is perfect for people who want to keep a track of their progress. This app has a database that has at least 30,000 foods with their nutritional values listed next to them. When you have consumed your food, the app is also responsible for dictating how many points you can still consume in that day because it gives you delicious recipes and success stories to keep you motivated.


Calorie Tracker Tap And Track

Price: $3.99

Available at: iOS

This weight loss app helps you gather information regarding food without having to go online for it. It has charts and different goals for you to get motivated. You can also gain access to the nutritional value of foods prepared by at least 700 restaurants and 300,000 food items.


My Fitness Pal

Price: Free

Available at: Windows, iOS and Android

You might have heard of this one already because this app is famous worldwide, and is highly recognized for the user-friendly and effective features it has. It is an analytic app which allows you to lose weight while keeping track of your progress. It is an app for people with a can-do attitude. It has an activity log and a food journal in which you can count calories that you consume in one day.



Price: Free or $3.99 (Premium)

Available at: iOS and Android

This app allows you to scan barcodes and list these food items on your food journal. This app gives the food items a letter grade, which means that you can consume it if it is graded A+, but if it receives a D, then you'd better stay away from it.


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