In this article you will be able to know about TV show mistakes. Here we have compiled a list of best TV mistakes of all time. I am sure you will have fun browsing through it.

Best TV Mistakes of All Time


The Simpsons (1989)

The Simpsons has a continuity blunder. This is aslip for the rough guidefor subsequent episodes. As soon as Homer yells, he immediately turns round. At the right of the door that is in the garage, there are no boxes. However, you will notice that two boxes appear when Homer is walking across the garage.


The X-Files (1993)

There is an error in season one, episode three. The mistake is at the shot where Scullyand her friend are having their lunch together, just before the introduction. You will notice that Scully is holding a knife in her hand in one scene. However, the knife disappears after the shot changes.


Friends (1994)

The friends series has a continuity mistake in season two, episode seven. When Rachel discovers that Julie and Ross are planning to get a cat, look at her neck. When she utters the words "together?" She did not have a necklace. However, when the camera focuses on Ross and Julie within seconds and back to Rachel, you will discover that she has a necklace on while she is saying "both of you?”. The necklace then disappears when she replies saying "isn't that just lovely?”.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997)

There is a revealing error in season one episode one. This is at the scene where Buffy is struggling with the demons. You will notice that during the fight, she overpowers one demon and throws him out of the platform. If you are keen, you will see that demon is falling safely onto a mat conveniently placed for him.


Charmed (1998)

There is an error in season one episode three. At the shot where Prue has come into the house and sees Andy in the manor. There is a spot where you can see the movie director sitting in another room in the background.This is clearly seen if the viewer looks behind Andy's shoulder.


Dawson's Creek (1998)

There is a continuity mistake in season four, episode four. The mistake is when Pacey takes Joey up so that he can get her from the party. Pacey puts Joey on his right shoulder. However, in the following shot, just before he takes her out of the door, you will notice that joey is being carried on the left shoulder.


Malcolm In The Middle (2000)

The Red Dress in season one episode two. You will notice visible equipment/crew. When Dewey was yelling at Lois for the bow that was on the present. At that moment there is a crewmember at the left side of Lois. The individual is on his knees and is giving the red dress to Lois who has a bucket of water in her hands. The crewmember immediately gets out of the view of the camera.


24 (2001)

The 24 series has a picture mistake in 12:00 Noon-1:00 P.M. season one episode thirteen. There is a visible crewmember in the movie. The scene is when jack, Teri and Kim are in the compound. You will see Kim standing up just before the first shot by Gaines. When you look on the left, you will notice a crewmember who is kneeling down.


Smallville (2001)

In season one, episode one there is a continuity mistake in the series. You will notice that the Porsche has no visible impact after hitting Clark and going through the bride.


Scrubs (2001)

The scrubs series has a continuity mistake in season one, episode two. In the apartment, you will see a cardboard box that is on the table. The box has a strip of blue tape and a tube of white paper that seems to be sticking from it. However, after a few shots, you will notice that there is an additional strip of blue tape on the box. In addition, the tube of white paper is no longer there.


The O.C. (2003)

There is an error in season one, in the first episode. The problem is when Ryan is trying to helpMarissa by lighting her cigarette using his own cigarette. At the beginning of the scene, the cigarette is full. When the next camera focus goes to Ryan, his cigarette is still full. However, when the camera focuses on Marissa, you will notice that Ryan’s cigarette is almost over.


Lost (2004)

Numbers – Season one, episode eighteen has a mistake of visible crew. When Hurley was in the house, just after his mother had hurt her ankle, he gets the cellphone through the car window. As soon as he starts dialing, the arm of the cameraman moving around is noticeable on the side view mirror.


House, M.D. (2004)

There is a film continuity mistake in season three, episode three. The error is when House is getting ready to inject Ezra Powell with the lethal dosage of morphine. You will notice that the syringe is somewhat full before they start showing the entire room. However, when they get back to focus on House, you will notice that the syringe is not full perhaps a quarter full. This syringe mishap does not just happen once but each time they switch shots.


Desperate Housewives (2004)

There is a continuity error in season four, episode fifteen. The mistake is at the shot where Orson is talking with his lawyer on the phone. You will notice that he is touching a notepad that has is written half way on the front page. However, later on when Edie strolls into the room, you will notice that the page on the notepad is fully written.


The Big Bang Theory (2007)

There is a continuity mistake in season one, episode five. The error is at the end, the scene where Sheldon is eating a burger. You will notice that the size of the burger tends to change contingent to the angle of the camera. The most noticeable part is when Sheldon inquiries from penny about reserving the table permanently. Between the shots, you can notice the lettuce that was on the burger disappears, the bite marks are also different and the color of the bun changes.


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