Pregnancy is an exciting time and a time of wonder. You will find yourself wondering things like “what should I be eating” or “how big is my baby this week”; the best pregnancy apps will have all the answers you need. The age of technology is bringing all the information you need right to your fingertips. Pregnancy apps include everything such as baby names, room for journaling, health information, etc. This will give you what you need to prepare for the day you meet your new little angle. Read on and find the one that fits you best at this moment.

11 Best Pregnancy Apps


Baby Center

Available for: iPhone/Android

Price: Free

One of the most popular pregnancy apps is the Baby Center app. This app chronicles pregnancy in stages and helps you know exactly what your baby is doing each week. There is a “birth club” of every mom that can help answer your questions. It also has helpful videos on health and nutrition besides a handy calendar and a growth widget.


My Pregnancy Today

Available for: Android

Price: Free

My Pregnancy Today is a pregnancy app that wraps all the information you need for pregnancy into one app. Users state the format is very user-friendly and there is tons of useful information. New parents can track baby’s progress every day. It gives helpful information on how mom should be feeling, baby’s development with pictures and a helpful tracker. You can note doctor’s appointments, join a birth club and check out nutrition information.


Baby Bump Pregnancy

Available for: iPhone/Android

Price: Free

With this app you can check baby’s progress daily and set a countdown to your baby’s big day! You can log your weight, cravings, baby kicks and contractions. There is also a feature where you can track belly photos and turn them all into a slideshow. There are also many answers to your questions about pregnancy and motherhood.


50,000 Baby Names

Available for: iPhone

Price: Free

It may have been pretty easy to pick out the nursery gear like crib, blankets and clothes; all you need now is the perfect name. Naming your baby can be a tough decision for you and your partner. You may even both have a special name in mind, but can’t seem to agree with each other. The 50,000 Baby Names app can give you some great ideas on baby names with the meaning of each one.


Pregnancy Sprout

Available for: iPhone

Price: Lite is Free, Premium $3.99

Pregnancy Sprout can be a wonderful part of your pregnancy journey. This very high definition app has some pretty breathtaking pictures you can use to follow your baby’s development with each day, week and month of pregnancy. All of the information for expectant parents is written by doctors for appeasing the mind that you are getting the best gift. There are also “to-do” lists to help you prepare for the baby's coming.


I’m Expecting

Available for: iPhone/Android

Price: Free

This is one of the best pregnancy apps out there and a “must-have” if you are expecting a baby. You can use the tracker for pregnancy symptoms, weight gain, M.D. appointments and other needed essentials. You can check-in weekly to see how your baby is growing and developing, and look at advice from the experts about symptoms and discomforts and log “bump” photos throughout your pregnancy.


M Pregnancy

Available for: iPhone

Price: $0.99

This app is designed for the new “dad-to-be.” It compares the baby’s growth weekly to understandable things like footballs, bottle caps and other tools men love. It also has a special pregnancy countdown that tells dad his days to be a “free man.” This pregnancy app is meant to be something fun and lighthearted for dads. It highlights the stages of pregnancy as a “speedometer,” and gives dad helpful information on pregnancy and can help answer any questions about how you may be feeling to be a father.



Available for: iPhone/Android

Price: $2.99, Contraction Timer is a Free feature

This app is designed by a birth doula and psychologist to help with labor and delivery. It is said to be very trustworthy and up-to-date with birthing techniques and support. Many people are giving very positive reviews on how helpful this app is with labor and delivery preparation. You can choose to pay for either the full version or use the free contraction timer to time your first contractions at home. If you get the full version, you can watch videos on labor, watch a woman in labor with her doula and get information like using pain control.


My Labor Bags

Available for: iPhone

Price: $1.99

Baby comes whenever they are ready and often there isn’t much time to get to the hospital. This is why it is so important to be ready and have a bag packed for you and your new baby. The My Labor Bags app can help you make a list of things you will need in your hospital bags and keep track of what you have and still need. There is a feature to track baby’s bag, mom’s bag and dad’s bag.


Fertility Friend Mobile

Available for: iPhone/Android

Price: Free

This is one of the best pregnancy apps for helping you plan your pregnancy. This app includes a calendar and chart for you to track each monthly cycle, log fertility signs and the day you ovulate each month.


Happy Pregnancy Ticker

Available or: iPhone/Android

Price: Free

The Happy Pregnancy Ticker is actually a countdown app that peels away each day as you get closer to your due date. Created by a new dad, you can chart your weight, time contractions and use the social media feature to share your experience with other moms.


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