Currently MOBA's have been making huge head way into the gaming market, with professional players and teams and being one of the top type of games for streamers to play due to the exciting and complex game play. 

One plus side to MOBA's are that they are free to try and play with a simple download and the making of an account. They currently make money off of selling skins and other things that only give people the added bonus of looking cooler, and do not affect their gameplay. Making MOBA's not pay to win and all skill/luck based.

Best MOBA Games for PC to Try Out over the Summer!


League of Legends

One of the oldest officially coming out on October 27th, 2009. This game has been paving the way for the genre and even has large tournaments called the LCS which is done every year consisting of pro level teams.

Since all of these will be different in terms of game play i will link a video below to let you see game play for each and let you decide if one of these are worth you time.

Can try out free here:


Dota 2

Coming out on steam by valve in beta in 2011 and officially releasing in 2013. Dota 2 emerged from Dota that was originally released from warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos as a mod. This is a game that has taken the same aspects from the mod and made it its own separate game.

Can try out the game here



Smite is one of the few MOBA's that does add something other then different champions and items etc. it adds a different camera angle and all aimed skill shots. This game is also coming to Xbox One eventually which will make it more available to a wider audience. One very cool thing about this game also is that it uses gods as the champions you get to play as. You can play as odin or thor to He Bo to Neith. Currently offering 66 diffrent champions to play as.

You can try out the game here


Heroes of the Storm

This is a new MOBA just recently coming out from blizzard that allows you to play as many different characters from all the blizzard games like Thrall and Diablo. This is brand new but is already being like by much of the MOBA community.

Can try out the game here:



One thing i will say, is that you most likely will NOT like all the games on this list, and it is up to you to try them all out and even others not on this list. There might not be somethings you don't like about each of these. I will also say if you are brand new to MOBA's watching some streams of them can help you learn to basics and get yourself ahead in each of these games.

I would also like to know if any of you are currently playing any of these or are there any i have missed and should add to this list.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as it is my first article.


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