A computer nowadays has become necessary for daily tasks, and maybe you are looking for the best brand which will fit your needs. If so, you have come to the right place to find such quality products. These brands aren’t classified in relation to price, but they are ranked according to their features, quality and popularity. Before you shop, you should know about all of the prominent features of each brand so you can make a wise decision. This article will give you the complete details in regards to the best laptop brands of all time.

Best Laptop Brands



Apple continues to impress with its large keys, strong tactile feedback and great layout. It offers totally precise navigation and perfect support for multi-touch gestures. Its lineup of retina display MacBook Pro models. Both the fifteen inch and thirteen inch models screens dazzle the viewer plus the app store offers more than 240 retina-optimized apps so you can make the most out of its excellent displays.

There is no complex operating system such as Windows 8, making it unnecessary for Apple to have weird ways for its users to interact with its laptops. This made the engineers focus on other things to improve, like the almost twelve hours that the MacBook Air thirteen inch model can provide in using time. This runtime is much longer than Windows machines that are sized similarly.

Apple has upped its software with OS X Mavericks, which doesn’t present a big leap, however this update welcomes enhancements for power users, plus more synergy with iOS.

Official Website: http://store.apple.com/us



Lenovo has one of the widest range of laptops of any of the brands, with its three main lines, the G Essentials, IdeaPads and ThinkPads, you can find some great options for a variety of prices. You can also customize your laptop through their website, and fans of the traditional Start button will be happy to find an option for Windows 7 on a lot of the laptops the company offers.

Lenovo rocks the categories for keyboard and touchpad, and does pretty well in the design factor as well. They come out on top when it comes to hybrids, with their Yoga series giving an example of the right way to create a portable and lightweight tablet-notebook. Lenovo’s keyboards on both its consumer and business laptops continue to get huge accolades due to their strong tactile feedback, and wide spacing for the keys that are curved in shape. The touchpad gives you a smooth and accurate navigation, and the TrackPoint pointing sticks are the most precise you’ll find.

Official Website: http://www.lenovo.com/us/en/



ASUS has earned top rankings for taking risks on their devices like the Taichi 21 with dual-screen. They’ve also increased the bounds of pixel density with their ZenBook UX51Vz-XB31 to 1620 x 2880 pixel resolution. The Transformer Book TX300 is especially impressive as it is detachable hybrid, and puts its 128GB SSD and Core i7 processor behind its 1080p, 13.3 inch display. The Transformer Book Duet came out in spring of 2014 and gives its users' unique access to Android and Windows 8 on one device.

ASUS laptop keyboards give you a strong tactile feedback with only a few exceptions, plus reasonable key layouts. Over the last year, ASUS has offered an excellent improvement in their tech-support between a website which was usefully resigned and increasing their presence in social media.

Official Website: http://www.asus.com/us/



Dell’s score in the area of displays was boosted a bit last year due to its Alienware laptops and QHD push. The displays overall were brighter than the average laptop available, with a 267x lux light meter reading. The highest resolution belongs to the Dell XPS 15 with its size of 3200 x 1800 pixels. Even the Dell Inspiron 17-3721 has an attractive 1600 x 900 pixel resolution display.

Dell gained a leg up this year by expanding its Precision, Inspiron and Latitude lines. Starting with its very affordable Inspiron 15 and just $299 with an Intel Celeron processor, you saw a great lineup from this company this year without having to bust your budget. You can even customize your notebook with preferred specs which include a Windows 7 for a lot of laptops.

Official Website: http://www.dell.com/



This company is capable of manufacturing some notebooks that are really lovely, and the best example of this is their three pound, 2,7 x 8.8 x 0.51 inches Acer Aspire S7. With its Gorilla Glass lid and its white aluminum chassis, it really is stunning looking.

Acer is known for its systems that are friendly to budgets. Also, Acer has steadily been improving over the recent 10 years in the category of tech support. The company has set a new Acer Community portal most recently on its website which makes users help each other out.

Official Website: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/home



Alienware 18 is to date the most powerful gaming laptop available in eighteen inch laptops, and the Alienware 14 is the most powerful fourteen inch laptop available. Their newest and latest gaming laptops feature extraordinary performance and a new, bold design, which are uniquely designed to give you the ultimate in gaming experiences.

The new laptops include the Alienware 14, for any gamer who needs a laptop that will be able to perform any task they need of it, but is still mobile enough to put in a backpack, the Alienware 17 that gives you an intensive and immersive graphics experience with the newest technology for a desktop grade performance and the Alienware 18 that is the ultimate in gaming laptops, commanding respect among the top gamers for its unmatched construction and performance.

Along with a redesign, the laptops also feature several components that give you the best in PC gaming experiences. They are sport full voltage with 4th generation quad core Intel Core i7 processors, plus a NVIDIA GeForce 700 series graphics card. You’ll get exceptional bandwidth and lower voltage requirements for an increased battery life with the DDR3L memory, and many other fantastic features that bring your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Official Website: http://www.alienware.com/

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